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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Header

Our Process

During the 2022-2023 school year, the Beaverton School District embarked on a community-wide process to develop a strategic plan to guide the district’s work for the next five years. This process provided an opportunity for students, families, staff and community members to unite around our values, identify our priorities and collaborate on the best strategies to achieve the outcomes that we desire for our students. The strategic plan will help us appropriately direct our resources, improve outcomes for our students and hold us accountable to our community.

This work was not done in isolation. Dedicated students, parents/guardians, staff and community stakeholders served on committees and participated in focus groups, sharing insights about what we do well as a district and where we have room for improvement. Others attended superintendent coffee chats and listening sessions to voice their opinions on a wide array of topics. And thousands of people participated in a number of surveys, providing critical data that informed our decision-making. In all, 7,866 people were involved in the creation of Beaverton’s future road map.

Now the real work begins. It is our moral imperative to educate every student and provide them with the opportunities and support that they need to define and achieve their own successful futures. This is a community effort. We all have a role to play to ensure that Beaverton children receive a world-class education. Our students deserve our best effort.

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Dr. Gustavo Balderas

Promise icon

Our Promise

Belong. Believe. Achieve.

We aim to create an environment in which our students feel a deep sense of belonging to their school communities — where they are accepted, supported and encouraged to be their authentic selves.

We believe in our students’ capacity to learn, grow and thrive, and we want our students to believe in themselves and their limitless potential.

We hold our students to high academic standards and provide them with the support to achieve their own personal goals — now and in the future.

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Our Vision

In Beaverton School District, we envision every student saying:

  • I belong, and I matter.
  • I believe in myself, and my community believes in me.
  • I am an informed and engaged member of my community.
  • I am challenged, supported and successful in my learning.
  • I feel connected to my learning, to my peers and to the adults in my school.  
  • I see a future I want, and I know how to achieve it.

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Our Mission

Beaverton School District promotes a deep sense of belonging while supporting, challenging and inspiring all students to explore their passions, achieve their goals and graduate ready to thrive in their learning and life after high school.

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Our Values

Academic Excellence

We challenge each student with rigorous, relevant and standards-based learning experiences. We provide quality feedback to each student that cultivates critical thinking, curiosity, engagement and growth. Together, we help students envision and prepare for their future success.

Belonging and Dignity

We center equity in our relationships, actions, systems and outcomes. We honor the dignity and voices of our students, families, staff and community members. Individual identities are visible, valued, nurtured and celebrated.

Community Connections

We build on the experiences and strengths of our students, families, staff and community members to connect with our local and global communities. We show care for and commitment to our community through gratitude and service.

Goals for Student Success

Safe & Thriving
Student Safety & Well-being

To achieve these outcomes

  • Every student feels safe.
  • Every student thrives socially and emotionally.
  • All identities are valued, and every student is included.

We will perform these actions

  • Create school and district systems, structures and practices that build safe and inclusive learning environments.  
  • Implement strong multi-tiered systems of support for students’ social-emotional, behavioral and academic needs.
  • Provide robust, relevant, meaningful and differentiated professional development for all staff.

Foundations of Success
Strong Start in Early Learning

To achieve these outcomes

  • Every student demonstrates consistent habits of mind.
  • Every student demonstrates proficiency in literacy and language targets by the end of third grade.
  • Every student demonstrates proficiency in math numeracy learning targets by the end of third grade.

We will perform these actions

  • Teach and nurture habits of mind ­— cognitive and behavioral skills for learning and life.
  • Apply evidence-based strategies to strengthen core instruction, including research-based systematic literacy instruction with phonics and phonemic awareness.
  • Implement evidence-based interventions for literacy and math.
  • Ensure rich learning environments with diverse and inclusive classroom materials and activities.  

Progress on Standards
Achievement for All

To achieve these outcomes

  • Every student demonstrates progress toward and achievement of the standards.
  • Every student demonstrates agency in their learning.
  • Opportunity and outcome gaps are reduced or eliminated.  

We will perform these actions

  • Equitably implement high-quality, culturally relevant curriculum that directs all instruction.
  • Consistently use high-leverage teaching strategies in all content and courses across all grade levels.
  • Provide consistent, systematic teacher collaboration time to assess student data and improve practice.
  • Differentiate instruction with core academic intervention and extension for students identified through assessment data. 

College & Career Ready
Supports for Post-High School Success

To achieve these outcomes

  • All students are passing language arts and math classes in sixth grade.
  • Every ninth grader is on track for graduation.
  • All students leave each level with a plan and a purpose.
  • All students graduate and successfully complete dual language, dual credit, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and/or Career Technical Education courses.  

We will perform these actions

  • Provide students with a supported transition and strong start to each school level.
  • Engage students at all school levels to develop and implement personalized learning plans.
  • Expand program options and provide multiple pathways to engage and prepare all students for post-graduate success.
  • Increase access and support success in post-secondary preparation courses including dual language, dual credit, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and Career Technical Education.

Foundational Building Blocks

Engaging & Effective Teaching
& Learning Systems

  • Establish balanced system of formative, interim and summative assessments aligned to standards at all school levels.
  • Implement  comprehensive intervention system for academic, behavioral and social-emotional learning needs.  
  • Ensure high-quality curriculum aligned to state standards. 
  • Expand offerings and equitable access to dual language, Career Technical Education and pre-K programs.
  • Utilize data to inform and support equitable opportunities, access and inclusion for our diverse student body.

Authentic Engagement with Students,
Families & Community 

  • Provide timely, accessible and clear communication throughout the district.
  • Expand authentic, two-way engagement and actively target outreach to all groups.
  • Engage and partner with families and community groups to support student learning and well-being.
  • Establish actively engaged student advisory teams in secondary schools and district. 

Facilities & Programs
for World-Class Learning

  • Optimize program offerings and school facilities, considering community voice.
  • Modernize classrooms to ensure an equal technology experience at all schools.
  • Target completion of bond construction projects on time and on budget.
  • Prioritize environmentally  responsible materials and practices. 

Effective Systems & Structures
for Student Success 

  • Attract, support and retain a high-quality and diverse workforce.
  • Optimize school schedules and systems to support student success.
  • Implement efficient and effective systems to streamline and support district operations.
  • Identify and eliminate systemic barriers to equitable access and outcomes.

Equity, Engagement & Excellence



How many people participated in the strategic planning process?

7,866 total participated in the strategic planning process which also includes 725+ students.