(car wash, sponsorship, etc.)​
A building use application must be submitted to the principal/designee at least 30 days prior for any event held on BSD property.   Field trip and overnight/out of state trip forms must have the principal’s and District approval before any funds are raised.
Persons assisting with collection / receipting of monies
(MUST be 2 Adults)

By signing below I understand and will ensure adherence to the District Administrative Regulations (IGDF‐AR) below:
a. Students must never solicit alone; they must always work in a pair or group; collections must only occur during daylight hours; a responsible adult must be present and supervise such activities; no door‐to‐door solicitation of residences or businesses for funds or items for any purpose by students alone
b. Students cannot be placed in dangerous or compromising positions.
c. Fund‐raising cannot unfavorably impact other district programs or schools
d. Activities must be appropriate to the philosophy and goals of the district.
e. Groups must follow established procedures or district policies related to fund‐ raising.


The District recognizes that fund-raising activities are important to the operation of a school. They may provide resources to conduct activities for students, purchase some supplies or equipment not provided for through the district operating budget, meet operating expenses of parent groups/booster clubs, and related purposes. They also provide opportunities for parents, staff and students to join together in activities which develop rapport, build unity, enhance teamwork, and promote the school’s identity. In order to assist principals in administering fund-raising activities sponsored by site groups, the following procedures will be utilized.
1. All school sponsored groups (French club, NHS, Chess club, etc) and school related groups (Booster club, band parents, etc) will submit a proposal to fund raise. Each proposal will be reviewed by the principal and/or designee and will include the following: Description of activity- Rationale for fundraising- Date, time & location- Person(s) collecting and receipting money- How money will be used.
2. Each principal and/or designee will be responsible for the following: Coordinating all fund-raising activities within the school- Establishing appropriate accounting controls- Ensuring a safe environment for students to conduct fund-raising activities (No door to door solicitations).
3. All groups must have written permission from the principal BEFORE any product is ordered or selling begins.
4. Principals may develop and disseminate individual school guidelines for fund-raising as necessary beyond these guidelines.

All fund-raising activities, District level and school-based, must:

  • Designate the non-profit agency or philanthropic activity to benefit from fund-raising OR, Show a need to fund designated programs/activities that have been reduced or eliminated through budget reductions
  • Support the approved program beyond the District budgeted funds
  • Indicate a timeline for raising funds
  • Develop criteria for disbursement of funds which is in accordance with federal and state laws, including the IRS code, state tax laws, and District collective bargaining agreements
  • Be appropriate to the philosophy and goals of the District
  • Must be noted on the School fund-raising calendar to avoid impacting other fund-raising activities

Fund-raising Requirements

It is considered a fund-raiser if you are using the school name while soliciting funds, selling product, providing a service (including working shifts at outside fund-raisers), selling tickets or script, accepting donations, securing sponsorships, selling ads, holding tournaments, camps, marathons, car washes, auctions (no raffles allowed) etc. Fund-raisers cannot be conducted off campus during school hours.
1. Application must be submitted by Parent/Non-Profit member responsible, at least 1 month prior to the event. Approval of fund-raising proposal does not imply approval of building use or field trips connected to the same activity.
 2. Building Use application must accompany the fund-raising request if any part of the building or grounds will be used at any time during the fund-raiser. Usage fees or liability insurance may be required.
3. Activity is entered on the fund-raiser calendar to avoid competing with other fund-raisers.
4. Parent/Non-Profit member signer is responsible for overseeing the collection and security of all funds, and the supervision of students and adult/parent volunteers.
5. Parent/Non-Profit contact person will be notified when their event has been approved.
  • Pick up form from school or District website
  • See school staff member to reserve dates on the fundraiser calendar.
  • Completed forms are returned to the school to submit for administrative approval and finalize on the fund-raising calendar.