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District Business Partner: Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce

The Beaverton School District and the Hillsboro Chamber have teamed up to provide juniors and seniors in the District's five comprehensive high schools career-related learning experiences in their fields of interest. Since 1995, the Hillsboro Chamber has been establishing relationships with more than 5,000 businesses throughout Washington County to support local students by facilitating career days, career spotlight events, guest speakers, mock interviews, informational interviews, job shadows and internships.

The Beaverton Chamber of Commerce is also helping to recruit businesses to give more Beaverton students these opportunities.

Currently, the program offers career-related learning experiences to 100 juniors at each of the five comprehensive high schools in the District. That is 500 students! The experiences consist of either a career day or a career spotlight event.  Career day events offer students the opportunity to travel to a specific job location to hear from various speakers in all aspects of a particular career field, and always include a higher education component.  Career spotlight events highlight one specific aspect of a career.

For seniors, the program offers 15-hour internship placements centered on student needs and interests. 

The program will grow to include Options high schools next year and the hope is to eventually expand the program so that all students will have access to a full range of experiences.