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Highland Park Middle School Community Partnership Team

Highland Park Middle School has built a strong Community Partnership Team that provides support for students and families both socially and academically. 

Two major partnerships are supporting student success through hands on, experiential learning opportunities.

Highland Park Middle School and The Wisdom of the Elders are partnering together to provide a series of lessons integrating science and cultural arts focusing on the importance of water, salmon and cultural studies.  By using stories, song and the arts of Pacific Northwest and Alaskan Native Peoples, eighth grade students are deepening their learning and truly integrating the elements of science, technology, engineering design, the arts and science.  This partnership is strengthening student engagement and understanding of science through the inclusion of the cultural arts into the curriculum. This innovative project includes the telling of Native American oral histories, stories, and the use of artifacts to weave together connections between the sciences and the arts.

Highland Park also partnered with Clean Water Services to design and build a Low Impact Development Approach (LIDA) bio-swale on the Highland Park campus. Students used the STEAM elements of science, technology, engineering design, the creative process, and math to learn about and submit designs for a bio-swale to provide storm water management and water quality treatment from parking lot water runoff at Highland Park Middle School.  In addition, students learned about native and invasive plants to create a planting scheme.  Students designed and planted the area to help with water purification and erosion. Highland Park Students will use the bio-swale for data collection and analysis.  Clean Water Services staff partnered with Highland Park staff to include staff and student voice throughout the process.