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Raleigh Park Elementary School Project BACK

Over the course of the last five years, there has been a significant shift in the demographics of the student population attending Raleigh Park Elementary School. Nestled in a Raleigh Hills neighborhood, Raleigh Park currently has a poverty rate of   about 40 percent.

In response to these changes, individuals and organizations were compelled to act. As a result, more than 15 pounds of food are distributed weekly to more than 30 of Raleigh Park's most impacted families. This support provides students and their families with consistent access to food on weekends, as well as books, school supplies and personal care items; all promoting healthier living and having a positive impact on each child's learning readiness.

More than 150 people receive weekly assistance from Project BACK. Beyond food backpacks, Project BACK has added community partnerships, including, St. Matthew's Lutheran Church, Jesuit High School, Pacific Foods and Medical Teams International, that provide holiday gift boxes, bikes, Thanksgiving chickens and Spring Break food boxes, as well as a mobile dental clinic for students in need.

As the school builds and nurtures its community partnerships, Project BACK will continue to embody the spirit of WE; underscoring the power of inspired individuals who are compelled to act by unifying, orchestrating and mobilizing community partners around a common vision.