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WE Expect Excellence: Elementary Reading Program

Know your reader – that's the goal for year one of implementation of Beaverton's English Language Arts (ELA) adoption.  The goal for year two is to implement a 90-minute reading block in every elementary classroom, every day. 

All elementary teachers in the District participated in targeted professional development on getting to know their readers and how to use that information to develop a 90-minute reading block in their classrooms. In addition, each classroom received approximately 300 books by real authors that are known to be of interest to young readers for their classroom libraries.

This is a shift in how teachers are teaching reading; instead of teaching a whole class from a prescribed text, they are learning about each individual student and their needs and then matching them to books that interest them. 

Each 90-minute reading block may differ, but typically includes whole group instruction, small group instruction and independent choice reading time. During the independent choice time, the teacher has the opportunity to confer with students one-on-one, or in small groups to check in on specific skills and goals and make adjustments if needed.

How are students responding? Damiana King, 3rd grade teacher at Ridgewood Elementary School says, "In my class, kids are so passionate about reading, they are so much more engaged and I am seeing growth, so much more than previous systems."