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​​​​​​​​​Flyers Approved for Student Distr​ibution for November 2017

Below please find the approved list of flyers for this month.  Flyers approved for electronic student distribution at the elementary level are included under each vendor.​

Aloha - Beaverton Junior Baseball - Glenda Herzog

Aloha - Beaverton Junior Baseball - T-Ball and Baseball Registration - Glenda Herzog
Athletic Games Class - Stacey Friesen
Beaverton Aloha Little League - Adam Smith
​Beaverton Children's Library - November & December - Jennifer Wolf  
Engineering for Kids - How to Train your Turtle - Helen
EG Robotics Junk Racer - Maddy
Engineering for Kids - Handprinted 3D Creations - Helen
Engineering for Kids - Traveling into the Future - Helen
Girls Scouts There is Power in Every G.I.R.L. - Christina Oakleaf
Girl Scouts - There is Power in Every G.I.R.L - Kelly Rosencrans
Girls Scouts  - There is power in Every G.I.R.L - Christina Oakleaf

​Mad Science - After School Program - Audrey Campbell

Mad Science - Project Earth - Audrey Campbell
  • Ridgewood

One on One Basketball Training - Jake Green

Skyhawks Wrestling Club - Trisha Shoemaker
Soccer Shots - Emily Boring
Sports Skills and Games Class - Stacey Friesen
Southridge Lacrosse - Kara Iverson
Sunset Youth Lacrosse - JoEllen Kuroski
Sunset Youth Winter Basketball Camp - Sarah Griffin
Thanksgiving Dinner - Benjamin Petersen