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​​​​​​​​Flyers Approved for Student Distibution for November 2017

Below please find the approved list of flyers for this month.  Flyers approved for electronic student distribution at the elementary level are included under each vendor.​

Aloha - Beaverton Junior Baseball - Glenda Herzog

Aloha - Beaverton Junior Baseball - T-Ball and Baseball Registration - Glenda Herzog
Athletic Games Class - Stacey Friesen
Beaverton Aloha Little League - Adam Smith
​Beaverton Children's Library - November & December - Jennifer Wolf  
Engineering for Kids - How to Train your Turtle - Helen
EG Robotics Junk Racer - Maddy
Engineering for Kids - Handprinted 3D Creations - Helen
Engineering for Kids - Traveling into the Future - Helen
Girls Scouts There is Power in Every G.I.R.L. - Christina Oakleaf
Girl Scouts - There is Power in Every G.I.R.L - Kelly Rosencrans
Girls Scouts  - There is power in Every G.I.R.L - Christina Oakleaf

​Mad Science - After School Program - Audrey Campbell

Mad Science - Project Earth - Audrey Campbell
  • Ridgewood

One on One Basketball Training - Jake Green

Skyhawks Wrestling Club - Trisha Shoemaker
Soccer Shots - Emily Boring
Sports Skills and Games Class - Stacey Friesen
Southridge Lacrosse - Kara Iverson
Sunset Youth Lacrosse - JoEllen Kuroski
Sunset Youth Winter Basketball Camp - Sarah Griffin
Thanksgiving Dinner - Benjamin Petersen