District Calendar

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Sun, Jul 31
Mon, Aug 1
Tue, Aug 2
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Thu, Aug 4
Fri, Aug 5
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Sun, Aug 7
Tue, Aug 9
Wed, Aug 10
Thu, Aug 11
Fri, Aug 12
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Calendar & Category Legend:

  • School Board Meetings
  • Budget Calendar Process
  • District Calendar
    • Schools Closed/No Students
  • Bond Accountability Committee Meetings

*Calendar is subject to change based on contract negotiations and resource availability.
*In the event inclement weather or other emergency closures prevent the District from meeting required instructional hours set by ODE, the days will be made up in June.


2023 - 2024 Downloadable Calendars 

2023-2024 District Calendar - English
2023-2024 District Calendar - Spanish
2023-2024 District Calendar - Arabic
2023-2024 District Calendar - Chinese
2023-2024 District Calendar - Japanese
2023-2024 District Calendar - Korean
2023-2024 District Calendar - Russian
2023-2024 District Calendar - Somali
2023-2024 District Calendar - Vietnamese


2022 Graduation Dates

Aloha High School
Aloha High School Stadium
Mountainside High School Graduation
Mountainside High School Stadium
ACMA Graduation
ACMA Performing Arts Center
FLEX Online Graduation
Tumwater Middle School Auditorium
Sunset High School
Sunset High School Stadium
Community School Graduation
Merlo Field
BASE Graduation
Aloha High School Auditorium
GED Completers Graduation
Merlo Field
Westview High School Graduation
Westview High School Stadium
Southridge High School Graduation
Southridge High School Stadium
Beaverton High School Graduation
Beaverton High School Stadium
ISB Graduation
Sunset High School Auditorium
Early College Graduation
Southridge High School Stadium
Special Ed/Aging Out Graduation
Cedar Mill Bible Church