Community Survey on LIPI & Hybrid Model

As the District announced on October 19, we plan to continue Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) for grades Pre-K-12 at least until the end of the first semester. 

As we look at various models, it’s important that we have a sense of how many students would participate in Limited In-Person Instruction (LIPI) prior to the end of the first semester (if offered), how many students would return in a Hybrid Model in the second semester (if offered), and how many students would elect to continue in CDL. As a reminder, the District has guaranteed access to CDL for the entire 2020-21 school year.

Please know that in a LIPI or Hybrid Model, the District would follow all state-required safety protocols including face coverings for all staff and students, social distancing of six feet and reduced classroom capacity to ensure 35 square feet per child. Also, please know that Nutrition Services will continue to serve meals to all students — whether in Hybrid or CDL.

There were 14,793 responses to the Community Survey on Limited In-person Instruction & Hybrid Model. The survey was sent to all families in the district and was translated into eight languages. Know that parents/guardians were encouraged to fill out one survey per child. 

The survey results are below    •     Downloadable results
LIPI Hybrid Parent Survey Results page 1
LIPI Hybrid Parent Survey Results page 2
LIPI Hybrid Parent Survey Results page 3