Financial Reports

Each year, the Beaverton School District prepares financial statements as of June 30th that are audited by an independent licensed certified accounting firm.  The financial reports with the auditor opinion are in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).  The goal of producing the CAFR is to maintain the District’s financial integrity and trustworthiness.   To aid in fulfilling this, the District has established an Audit Committee composed of citizen members, Budget Committee member, and Board members who are independent of the District's management.


Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Front Cover of CAFR report document


You can click on the picture above or here to get a PDF copy of the budget available for viewing or downloading. For an accessible format of this document, please contact the district at 503.356.4540.

If you wish to see a copy of a prior years budget please contact the district.


Beaverton School District Audit Committee



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The Superintendent and top management are responsible for the effective and efficient administration of Beaverton School District.  This responsibility includes sound financial management, timely reporting, maintaining an effective system of internal control, compliance with applicable rules and regulations, and maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct.  The School Board directs the Superintendent in these matters through adoption of the budget and establishing Board Policy.

To aid in fulfilling these requirements, the District has established an Audit Committee.  The Committee shall promote, maintain, and enhance the independence and objectivity of the internal auditing function of the District by ensuring broad audit coverage, adequate consideration of audit reports, and appropriate action on recommendations.


Audit Committee Charter


  • Rob Drake - Citizen Member - Chair
  • Leigh Ahlgren - Citizen Member
  • Samiha Wahid - Citizen Member
  • Eric Simpson - Board Member
  • Anne Bryan - Board Member
  • [OPEN] - Budget Committee Member

Auditor Contact

Grove, Mueller & Swank, P.C.
475 Cottage Street NE, Ste. 200
Salem, OR 97301