District Annual Budget

Each year the school board must adopt a financial plan for the upcoming school year.  This is called the Adopted Budget.  This plan guides staff in how funds are to be spent for the upcoming year.  

The District forms an Internal Budget Team comprised of people from all areas of the District.  Principals from all levels (high, middle, and elementary) and bargaining unit representatives are part of this team.  They make budget recommendations to Cabinet and the Superintendent.  Based on recommendations from the Internal Budget Team, Cabinet, and the Superintendent, the budget team produces a proposed budget.

The superintendent presents the proposed budget to the board in early spring and then receives feedback from staff, parents, and community members.  The proposed budget may be modified to reflect feedback and then after reviewing any changes made the school board will approve the proposed budget making it the adopted budget.

Changes to an adopted budget may happen.  Those changes are made through a resolution transfer or a supplemental budget and must be approved by the school board..

2020-2021 Budget Year Committee Meeting Calendar

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Budget Committee

The Budget Committee reviews the District’s budget and recommends needed changes. The Committee conducts business in evening public meetings held between November and June. They also approves the Budget Document and forward it to the School Board for adoption by the end of June.