Online Payment System

The Beaverton School District has implemented a new Online Payment System for all schools.  Using a Visa, Discover, or Mastercard​ debit or credit card, you may make secure online payments for your students with no transaction fees.  You can access the Online Payment System at to pay:

  • Student fees – athletic, student body, band, field trip, etc.
  • Fines – lost library book, lost textbook
  • Donations to programs and activities

To access the Online Payment System, you will need an active ParentVUE account.  If you do not have a ParentVUE account, contact your school for an Activation Key code.  Once the ParentVUE account is created, it may take up to 24 hours for the Online Payment System account to be activated.  For more information on ParentVue, please visit the ParentVUE/StudentVUE page.

First Time Set-Up


Beaverton School District now provides parents and guardians the opportunity to view, manage, and pay for student fees, fines, and more online!

Accessing the Online Payment System for the First Time:

  1. Visit the Website :
  2. Follow instructions on webpage.
  3. Click on the buttton "Click here to set your password: 
    Arrows pointing to button Click here to set your password

  4. Identify your account : Hit "search" after you have decided to use an email or your username.  Best recommendation for a 1st time setup to use the same email you used when setting up ParentVUE.
  5. Click on the link in the email received to set your password.
    Email or Username Option followed by Search

NOTE: You will need to have an activated ParentVUE account to access the Online Payment System and establish a password.  Need help with ParentVUE? Contact your student's school for assistance.

Navigating the System


Thank you for using the Online Payment System. As a parent/customer, you will be able to:

  1. Purchase items
  2. Pay for fines and/or fees
  3. Pay for all your students in one transaction
  4. View your student / customer purchase history
  5. View your receipts

What is this new application

InTouch Receipting and TouchBase Online Payments are part of a software package Beaverton School District has implemented to streamline the management, reporting, and accountability of your student’s financial record, as well as making it easy on our customers – the parents – to pay student fines and fees, make donations, or purchase items - all in one portal.

As a parent, this new application allows you to access your student’s account online using a computer, via your favorite mobile device, or in person, at any one of our school locations.

How do I sign in to the Online Payment System

The Online Payment System uses your ParentVue user name in order to connect to your student’s account. If you do not have a ParentVue user name, please contact your child’s school to get your Activation Key code. It may take up to 24 hours after creating your ParentVue account before being able to log into Online Payment System. You will then log in to the Online Payment System and establish your own Online Payment System password.

For parents with multiple students in the district, you will see all of your students with your one username and password. Once you have selected your student, the options available will be tailored to their school.

I have signed in, now what?

Once you have signed in, select the student you want to shop for:

List of family members associated with Online Payment System


TIP: You will see all your students displayed in your student list, including yourself.  Your record is displayed just to show you that you are on your account.  You may wish to donate to the school in your name.

Once on your student dashboard, everything will be specific to your student. Here are the most common tools you should become familiar with:

Shows list of options available in Online Payment System

A.  Fines and fees may be present on your student’s account. If your student has a fine/fee on their account, you will see a RED notification window – this is your key to review and pay any fines or fees assessed to your student’s account. There are many reasons why a fine or fee may be present on your account, and selecting “VIEW” will display the detail specific to your student. There may be items unavailable to purchase if there is a fine/fee outstanding.

NOTE: If you have questions regarding a fine/fee assessed to your student’s account, please contact your student’s school or visit the “FAQ” section at the end of this document.

B.  “Items at Student’s School” is where you will go to browse items available to your student for purchase. Once you have selected items, you can view, edit your cart, or proceed to checkout.

C.  “Purchase History” is an on-demand tool to track your purchase history. This allows you to confirm prior purchases made either online or in person.

D.  “Reprint Receipts” is a tool that allows you to print a single transaction receipt.

I'm online, but some items aren't available to me, why?

The Online Payment System is integrated with other systems across the district, and as a result, the items can be ‘flagged’ to limit which students can purchase a specific item. Below are examples of item status that you may see online:


An item that is available for purchase online will display a blue “Add” button – this means it is available for purchase. Additional information regarding the item can be available in the item description. TIP: Items can be available for purchase whether there is a picture or description or not.

Shows the Buy button

Sold Out

This notification will display if the item is currently unavailable. TIP: check the item description – there may be additional instructions for you regarding the item.

Shows what sold out looks like

Pay Fines

This is displayed when an item is marked to restrict purchases for students with outstanding fines on their account. If you click the “Pay Fines” button, this will take you to a window where you can add all applicable fines to your cart. Once you have added the fines to your cart, you will be able to add the restricted item to the cart as well:

Shows what a Pay Fines block looks like

Grade Restriction

Items that are restricted to a specific grade level are only available to students enrolled in the listed grades. If you find your student is listed in the wrong grade, or the item you wish to purchase should be available to your student, please contact the school for more information.

Shows what a grade restriction looks like

Multipart / Combo Items

If you find an item has multiple options available, this is a ‘Multipart item’ and you have the option to select what items you wish to add to the cart. If any of the checkboxes are greyed out (not able to be de-selected), this means that they are required.

Shows what a multi-part purchase looks like

Variable Prices

If an item is a "variable price", this will allow you to place your own amount on the purchase.  The most common examples of a variable priced items are fundraisers and donations.

Demonstrates how variable prices can look

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my credit card data stored when I use the Online Payment System?

No, the Online Payment System and Beaverton School District does not store your card data under any circumstance. The system uses Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant processes and security protocols to ensure your data is protected while being processed. All payments are secure and protected.

What card types are currently accepted online?

Currently, the district accepts VISA, Mastercard, and Discover credit and debit cards to manage transaction charges.

Is there a charge to pay online?

No.  The Beaverton School District is not charging any convenience fees for payments on student’s accounts or donations.

I have a fine on my student's account. Why would my student have a fine?

There are several reasons why your student may have a fine. The Online Payment System is integrated to each school and across the district. The most common reasons a fine is assessed are:
-      A student lost or damaged a library book or textbook
-      A class fee has not been paid
-      A payment was returned as NSF (not sufficient funds)

If there is a fine on your account, certain items may be restricted for purchase until the fees/fines are paid.

I have not been successful in logging in. What should I do?

If you are having issues signing on, it is most likely because you have not created a ParentVue account. The Online Payment System uses the same ParentVue user name for access with a separate password, which is created the first time you log in. Please contact your school for a Key Activation code to create an account. It may take up to 24 hours after creating your ParentVue account before being able to log into Online Payment System.

There is an item I want to purchase, but I do not see it. What should I do?

The Online Payment System offers many items to parents and students. There are certain items that may be restricted due to fees and fines. Some items are available only to specific grade levels. If the item is online but unavailable for purchase, please see above. If the item does not appear online, please contact your school for more information.

Some items may only be available during certain times of the year.  Be sure to check in often!