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Welcome to the 2023-2024 School Year!

We're so excited to welcome staff, students and families to the 2023-2024 school year! 
This page includes everything that you need for Back to School 2023! 




First Day of School

For school start and end times, view the School Schedule webpage.

Elementary & K-8 Schools
Grades 1-5 & Grades 1-6 (at K-8) Monday, August 28
Grades 7-8 (at K-8) Tuesday, August 29
Kindergarten 1/2 class on Wednesday, Aug. 30; 1/2 class on Thursday, Aug. 31
Pre-K Schools (Aloha-Huber Park, Barnes, Beaver Acres, Chehalem, Elmonica, Fir Grove, Greenway, Hazeldale, Kinnaman, McKay, McKinley, Vose, William Walker)

Monday, Sept. 11

Preschool Promise at Elmonica Monday, Sept. 11
Middle Schools
Grade 6 Monday, August 28
Grade 7-8 Tuesday, August 29
High Schools
Grade 9 Monday, August 28
Grade 10-12 Tuesday, August 29
Option Schools
Grades 6 & 9 (All new to ACMA) Monday, August 28
Grade 7-8 & 10-12 Tuesday, August 29

Need-to-Know Checklist

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Back-to-School Resources for Families