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BSD District-wide Graduation Rate up Nearly 3% from pre-Pandemic Levels

Nearly all student groups in the Beaverton School District had higher four-year cohort graduation rates in 2020-21, compared to pre-pandemic levels. The graduation rate for Black students exceeded the rate for all students in the District for the second consecutive year. Asian, multi-racial, English Language Learners and Talented and Gifted student groups posted record high on-time graduation rates, as well. 

The five-year cohort graduation rate topped 90%. Economically disadvantaged students, students experiencing disabilities, Talented and Gifted students, Black, Hispanic/Latino, White, male and female student groups posted their highest five-year cohort graduation rates to date.

The number of students dropping out in grades 9-12 fell by half from 248 in 2018-19 to 121 in 2019-20 and by nearly half again to 65 students last year. Dropout rates for nearly all student groups are 1% or less. The District also made gains in dropout rates for Native American and homeless students, though more work needs to be done. The dropout rate for Native American students decreased from a pre-pandemic level of 4.9% to 4%. The dropout rate for homeless students declined from a pre-pandemic level of 9.4% to 2.9%.

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