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Aloha HS Seismic Upgrades Phase 2 & Re-roofing Projects Start Early

If you’ve driven past Aloha High School in the last few weeks, you may have noticed a lot of construction activity. While we would much rather have our schools filled with students learning and teachers teaching, the closure has allowed our Facilities Development team and contractors to get a jumpstart on projects planned for the summer. Seismic upgrades and the re-roofing at Aloha High School are on that list.

AHS Seismic Upgrades in Auditorium

In the auditorium, crews have dug out the concrete slab next to the wall. They will insert rebar into the wall and the existing slab throughout the rocky trench and then pour new concrete. That will tie the slab to the wall and help the building withstand a seismic event. This same process is being conducted in other areas of the school that weren’t included in phase 1.

AHS seismic upgrades gym beams

Take a look at the beams in the gym. The areas where you see black contain new steel. These areas will be connected to tie each one of the existing beams to each other all the way across the gym and connect to the outside walls. Again, the goal is to help the building withstand an earthquake.

AHS Seismic Upgrades front exterior of school

The seismic upgrades also involve strengthening the roof deck. Crews will remove the existing roof down to the deck, for the most part.  While crews are doing this, they will put in new insulation and roofing.

This early closure of schools is easing some of the pressure of the very tight schedule to get the project completed over the summer, but social distancing measures are also creating some challenges for construction crews. The contractor has to abide by social distancing measures and that means some of the work isn’t as efficient as it would be without social distancing.

This is phase two of the seismic upgrades at Aloha High School. Work should be completed by the start of the next school year.