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Athletic Training & Conditioning

October 30, 2020


Dear BSD Community.

Student participation in high school athletics has been suspended in the Beaverton School District since the onset of COVID-19 restrictions in March. However, the District will be allowing athletic training and conditioning starting Monday, November 9. These workouts are NOT required and will in no way influence eventual team placement during the regular season for each sport. Again, these sessions are just for training and conditioning; teams will not be competing against other schools’ teams at this time.

Why would the District allow athletic participation when students aren’t allowed in school for instruction?
The District has started Phase 1 of Limited In-Person Instruction (LIPI) by allowing small groups of students on-site for the purpose of assessment and testing. The District is currently considering a Phase 2 plan for LIPI that would extend to some students with special needs, students in the English Language Learners program, students experiencing homelessness and students with no internet connectivity.

The return of students for athletic training and conditioning is part of Phase 1 and is in  compliance with the Statewide Reopening Guidance K12 School Sports, Limited Return to Play. Furthermore, as stated by the Oregon Health Authority: “It is important to continue to encourage students to engage in physical activities for their psychological, emotional, physical and mental well-being.”

Will athletic training and conditioning conflict with Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL)?
All athletic training and conditioning sessions will be scheduled outside of instructional time. All students are expected to attend their online classes.

What safety protocols will be in place to protect both students and coaches?
Per state guidance, we’ll be adhering to the following safety protocols:

  • All coaches and athletes must self-monitor for COVID symptoms and refrain from participation if symptoms exist.
  • Participants will be screened upon arrival. Teams will be using one entrance and one exit. Contact tracing logs will be kept.
  • Coaches, players and trainers will be required to wear a face covering when participating indoors. Coaches, players and trainers will be required to wear a face covering when participating outdoors when six feet of distance can’t be maintained.
  • High-traffic areas, restrooms and commonly touched surfaces will be regularly cleaned and disinfected by the custodial staff. Coaches will clean equipment before, frequently during and at the end of sessions.
  • Coaches and students will be divided into small cohorts: 25-person groups for indoor activities and 40-person groups for outdoor activities. Coaches and players may be further divided into smaller pods.
  • If an athlete tests positive for COVID-19, the family is required to immediately notify the athletic director, coach or principal. Any coaches or students who had contact with the infected athlete will be required to quarantine for two weeks or receive a doctor’s clearance to return to play.

Additional requirements will be communicated by individual schools and coaches.

What about full contact sports (as designated by the Oregon Health Authority), like football, basketball, wrestling, cheer and dance?
Athletes in these sports may only participate in training and conditioning. These teams can’t practice, scrimmage or compete against other schools’ teams at this time.

Other sports can participate in practices or intra-team scrimmages, as long as players are wearing face coverings. These teams can’t compete against other schools’ teams at this time.

What about other school activities like band, choir and clubs?
The District is currently considering a plan to allow participation in other school activities. Stay tuned for more information.

What steps are required for athletes to be allowed to participate in Season 1 training and conditioning sessions?
All athletes must have the following:

 Look for additional information from your school or coach. If you have questions, please contact your school’s athletic department.