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Information Regarding Elementary Retention

Dear Elementary Families,


We acknowledge the challenges of learning during Comprehensive Distance Learning, and we know that families are concerned about the academic success of their children as we move into next school year.  At this time, we are beginning to receive questions regarding retention — meaning keeping students in their same grade or repeating a grade.

It’s important to remember that all students are learning in CDL, and as a district, we plan to promote students to the next grade level as we typically would in any given year.  We also will follow Board policy IKE and Administrative Regulation IKE-AR in terms of how retention would be considered. Parents/Guardians don’t make retention decisions; those decisions are made at the school level by the building principal.  

Here are some general guidelines to help you understand our decision-making process regarding kindergarten and first grade, as they are the grade levels where we receive the most questions:

  • If a child is age five (5) by September 1, the student will start kindergarten.  
  • If a child is age six (6) by September 1 and has not attended school before, the student will be enrolled in kindergarten.
  • If a child is age six (6) and has attended kindergarten before, the student will be enrolled in first grade. 
  • If a child started kindergarten but then unenrolled, the student will be enrolled in first grade for the 2021-2022 school year.

At the beginning of next school year, be assured that students will be assessed to see where they are in terms of their grade-level learning targets. This is our standard practice. Teachers will then differentiate classroom instruction to meet students’ needs. We recognize that our students have had different experiences during the 2020-2021 school year.  We are committed to working with students and families to support student growth towards all grade-level learning targets.  

Teaching & Learning Department

Beaverton School District