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Student Investment Account Update

The Beaverton School Board is scheduled to vote on the District's Student Investment Account Application Monday, March 9, 2020. This draft was developed through extensive community engagement, strategic conversations and partnerships, and consultancy with content expertise. It is the result of more than six months of work both internally and externally and is reflective of the needs of the District’s historically underserved populations, including students of color, emerging bilinguals, and students with disabilities.

Our process for developing this SIA plan began with internally planning in August of 2019. The District spent considerable time in the fall engaging the public both broadly and through targeted focal engagement about the needs of our student population. This engagement work included a district-wide survey, several open community forums (with translation), empathy interviews with focal populations groups, direct feedback session with school-based staff, language-specific community conversations with emerging bilingual families, and other targeted efforts. This engagement yielded over 4,000 data points that encompass the responses of far more actual individuals in the District and was analyzed by an outside consultant to draw out top themes and needs expressed by targeted populations.

Following the engagement work, the District formed three content based convenings. These were gatherings of approximately 20-25 individuals from both community and staff to work through a facilitated protocol of analyzing district data, needs assessment work, and the frameworks in the statute to develop an actionable list of ideas and concepts for consideration. The three convenings were equity, student health and wellness, and instructional. The work of the three convenings was compiled by the external facilitators and then used by a combined group of individuals from all three convenings in a final all-day work session to develop the actionable draft plan for the District.

This final draft was then presented to the community in a second round of broad and focused engagement that included a broad community meeting, and targeted outreach to groups and families representing historically underserved students in the District. These conversations yielded a number of valuable insights and revealed several areas of need that were not addressed in the previous plan. A final internal drafting meeting was used to review and reflect on the insights gained and make final modifications, additions, and deletions to the District’s proposed SIA plan.

This Student Investment Account Plan is not just the protection of existing programs or the addition of positions in the District, but is a catalyst for change to the way services are delivered to all students and particularly to those students for whom the District has historically underserved (students of color, emerging bilinguals, and students with disabilities). The investments in class size contained within are used as a way to completely alter the way the classroom teacher allocation works by driving more services to kids in need through a redefinition of the staffing allocation model. The investments in supporting students’ behavioral and mental health needs will drive a complete reform and standardization of the District’s multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) with evidence-based practices.

By leading with racial equity at the core of the development of this plan, we are able to disrupt the system to provide both universal and targeted supports to kids. Additionally, while the plan only contains a small investment defined for recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce, this investment will be used to focus the hiring throughout the implementation of this plan and across the District as a whole so that we are able to ensure that we have a workforce that better represents the racial diversity of our students, families, and community.

PLEASE NOTE: This proposed plan is for the estimated $32.2 million in Student Investment Account funding, it does not reflect the BSD General Fund Budget of $515 million. When viewing this plan, please keep in mind this is one portion of the District funding.