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Temporary Remote Learning - Update 1-14-22

The District has been monitoring the following data for schools: number of staff testing positive for COVID-19, number of students testing positive for COVID-19, number of students in quarantine, number of overall student absences and number of staff absences unable to be filled by substitutes. Based on the data, we are transitioning the following schools/programs to Temporary Remote Learning: Vose Elementary and Mountain View Middle School.

It's important to know that there's not a single data point that moves a school into Temporary Remote Learning (TRL). It's typically a combination of factors that are unique to each particular school.

Per our contract with the Beaverton Education Association, the District is required to provide one day for teachers to transition to remote learning. Therefore, Tuesday, January 18 will be a no-school day for students and a transition day for staff. Remote classes will start on Wednesday and continue through at least Friday, January 21. We’ll re-evaluate at that time.

As a reminder, the Academic and Communication Enhancement Program (ACE) and Community Transition Program (CTP) were placed into Temporary Remote Learning on Wednesday and Beaver Acres Elementary, Errol Hassell Elementary, McKinley Elementary, William Walker Elementary, Five Oaks Middle School, Community School and Passages Program were placed into Temporary Remote Learning on Thursday. All of these schools will continue Temporary Remote Learning through at least Friday, January 21.

You’ll be receiving a follow-up message from your school regarding any needed device distribution, class schedules and availability of pick-up meals at school sites.

Thank you for your continued understanding.