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Meadow Park 8th Grader Named Finalist in 3M Young Scientist Challenge

Congratulations to Ekansh Mittal on being named one of the top 10 finalists in the 3M Young Scientist Challenge. Ekansh is an outgoing 8th grader at Meadow Park Middle School. Ekansh developed a microfluidic device that mimics conditions of the gut microbiome to help test the relationship between bacteria and cancer, as well as new treatments against the disease-causing microorganisms and cancer cells.

Watch Ekansh’s entry video: Modeling Gut Microbiome using 3D Microfluidics for Cancer Detection

Ekansh Mittal science project presentation

“What is remarkable to me as a science teacher is that he tried last year and was in the top 20 in the same competition. He did not give up, and now he is in the top 10 with a new question that is more advanced on the gut microbiome and growth of cancer. It is remarkable how far he took his research over the past three years,” says Meadow Park Science teacher, Dr. Susan Duncan.

The 3M Young Scientist Challenge is the nation’s premier science competition for grades 5-8. This one-of-a-kind video competition has sparked a sense of wonder and discovery in hundreds of thousands of students and enhanced science, innovation and communication across the United States. Thousands of students nationwide have participated in the competition and winners have gone on to do some amazing things; including speak in front of Congress, work with the nation's top scientists, and pursue academic careers in the sciences.

The Grand Prize Winner will be announced in October. Congratulations, and good luck Ekansh!

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