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More than 50 BSD Health Careers Magnet Program Graduates Earn National Allied Health Certifications

Fifty-seven graduates of the Beaverton School District Health Careers magnet program located at Beaverton High School passed national certification exams, earning professional credentials for allied health occupations, including Nurse Assisting, Pharmacy Technician, EKG Technician and Emergency Medical Responder (EMR).

The BSD Health Careers magnet program at Beaverton High School is celebrating its 49th year of community partnerships and preparing juniors and seniors for their futures beyond the walls of their comprehensive high schools.  The program, open to students in all six of the District’s comprehensive high schools, offers multiple career clusters and exploration pathways that prepare high school students for their futures in the health care workforce. The health science cluster offers 11th and 12th graders the opportunity to learn, study and test for industry-based certifications in a number of allied health professions.

“These students worked hard through the health science program, all while completing their high school curriculum and participating in all the offerings of a comprehensive high school. We designed our program based on the post-high school professional model as well as with much community partner collaboration and input to best prepare students to work in or continue their studies in health care immediately after graduation,” says Matt Bayha, department head and instructor at Beaverton High School. “We are so proud of these students’ accomplishments and we are excited to see the impact they’ll make in the future!”

The Beaverton School District’s Health Careers magnet health science program teaches students foundational knowledge while providing students with the opportunity to apply skills through hands-on experience. This helps students solidify their understanding of the allied health careers that they are pursuing and gives them the clinical experience necessary to enter the workforce, if desired.

“Earning national certification is a great stepping stone and differentiator for students pursuing a college degree. For graduates who decide to enter the workforce after high school, certification gives them a competitive advantage over other job candidates,” says Laura Flynn, director of the Career and Technical Education Division at National Healthcareer Association (NHA).

Beaverton’s Health Careers program is proud to announce the latest graduates who earned national certification in allied health professions including the following:

  • 33 Certified Nurse Assistants
  • 8 Pharmacy Technicians
  • 5 EKG Technicians
  • 11 Emergency Medical Responders

Nursing Assistants:

Afria Ahmed

Manreet Brar

Jessica Hadley

Shuyi Huang

Joshua Kim

Kote Manley

Erin McIntire

Payton McKereghan

Grace Merrick

Ashanica Phathanasack

Melanie Picil-Monzon

Ruby Prince

Heidi Ross

Courtney Smith

Madison Terhune

Pearl Tommy

Sanrita Ung

Ellie Younger

Pissey Yous

Lauren Zelen

Madison Alvarez

Tyler Batten

Taylor Carrington

Natalie Kayfes

Alexander Kimmi

Brynne Monaghan

Paige Monaghan

Lauren Olson

Arden Peterson

MacKenzie Roberts

Solena Seng

Megan Sommers

Leslie Tjia

Pharmacy Technician

Rachel Chin

Elana Chuaprasert

Maddie D’Haem

Danna Katish

Nihar Koppolu

Nathan McGuire

Meghana Narahari

Sehajvir Sing


Emergency Medical Responder

Prakrunya Badrinarayan

Jayden French

Karen Jacobo-Velez

Emma Muhlheim

Jesus Nava-Valencia

Zach Patton

Dariana Cortez-Sanchez

Juan Sanchez

Valeriia Sedina

Blake Sims

Tina Truong


EKG Technician

Alonso Cruz

Wesley Ng

Emily Hooper

Talia Jensen

Brook Darrigan



These students successfully completed all requirements and passed a nationally-accredited certification exam from the Oregon State Board of Nursing, National Healthcareer Association or Oregon First Responder.

To learn more about Beaverton School District’s Health Careers magnet program, visit their website at

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