Community Partnership Team Award: beaverton high school: community connects us

Beaverton High School Community Partnership Team

The Beaverton High School Community Partnership Team is made up of more than two dozen members, including churches and non-profit organizations. The team members offer their time, talent, and resources in collective support of the students and families of Beaverton High School. Members of the team assist the school's Club Hope (a student run group for homeless advocacy and support), provides food for winter and spring breaks, participates in Mock Interviews and BHS Future Days, and is currently aiding in a remodeling project for the school's Beaver Den.



Here are of the programs supported by the Community Partnership Team:

  • Support of Club Hope – collected gift cards, winter socks and hand warmers to distribute to students in need and actively promotes the program in the community.
  • Beaverton Police Activities League (PAL) works collaboratively with the team to increase students' access to their programs and services.
  • Parkside Fellowship responded to student needs and created an after-school hang out space with WIFI, computer stations for homework, and even a game room complete with air hockey tables.
  • Urban Gleaners supports students and families with free food distribution. With the support and generosity of this group, the relationship has expanded and led to the renovation of the Beaver Den with cabinets and shelving and refrigeration. The Beaver Den is now a large resource room for food, produce and clothing.
  • Future Day - 9th and 10th graders participate in a variety of more than 40 industry/business site visits. Community partners and their many connections help to sponsor and host these opportunities. From this event, many of the business partners also assist the school in Mock Interviews.
  • The Beaverton Downtown Association is collaboratively working to build relationships for industry inquiry (and in some cases, internships) for students. From guest speakers to real-world experiences designing brochures for a marketing class, BHS students are learning about who is in their community and how they are part of it too!
  • First United Methodist Church is providing entrepreneurial internships for students;
  • The First Baptist Church & PAL have created "Beyond" an early release Wednesday offering skills training in video editing, mixing music, culinary, landscaping and more.
  • REAP and members of the Community Partnership Team collaborated on a spring break entrepreneur week experience.
  • Holiday giving - winter/spring break food support, clothing for the Beaver Den or individual families, is heartwarming and invaluable - more than 130 families were provided with food over both breaks (7 bags per family for winter and 5 bags for Spring) plus gift cards for each family.

The Community Partnership Team exemplifies the BHS Core Value, Community Connects Us. The Beaverton community is connecting to students and staff at Beaverton High School, which is fostering and supporting the school community, and Beaverton High School is connecting to the Beaverton community.

Congratulations, Beaverton High School Community Partnership Team!