Community Partnership Team Award: Bonny SLope Elementary School: Growing community outreach experiences

Bonny Slope Elementary School Community Partnership Team

Bonny Slope Elementary School has organized and implemented a Community Outreach effort to engage the community in volunteer experiences and student support efforts. The Community Outreach Team has mobilized a weekend backpack program that now serves 20 of Bonny Slopes most vulnerable students.

Each Friday, food from Bonny Slope community donations, the Oregon Food Bank and St. Vincent DePaul is sent home with students in need for the weekend. Additional partners have donated supplies and clothing for families in need.

The local Lions Club had donated eye glasses to Bonny Slope students in need, inspiring Bonny Slope students to raise money for glasses for students throughout the District. The Cedar Mill Library supports the school's preschool program with bi-weekly book bag deliveries.

Congratulations to the Bonny Slope Community Partnership Team!