Community Partnership Team Award: Highland Park middle school: full steam ahead

Highland Park Middle School Community Partnership Team

Community partnerships are thriving at Highland Park Middle School and are benefiting students and the community. The Highland Park student leadership group in partnership with Beaverton Christian Church, implemented Helping Hands, a community clothes and food pantry located on campus providing care and support for families. Beaverton Christian Church supports the students through donations and volunteers on an ongoing basis. Beaverton Christian also provides an afterschool drop-in service and clubs, tutoring, sports, snacks and more on early release Wednesdays. They are also a safe place for students and staff to gather in the event of an emergency evacuation of the school. Volunteers are prepared to open the church's doors and assist with providing food and support for students and staff.

The school's Maker Space is thriving due in part to community partnerships including community members who volunteered to help build the space, Intel Maker Space Club events, and industry partners who share their expertise with students.

Congratulations, Highland Park Community Partnership Team!