Community Partnership Team Award: southridge high school technical careers & community development

Southridge HS Community Partnership Team

Southridge High School has established new relationships with corporate partners to develop a Technical Careers pilot program that aligns with the School's International Baccalaureate Career related studies and Career Technical Education (CTE).

It truly takes a village when it comes to Career Technical Education opportunities for high school students. In redefining CTE at Southridge High School, a team of school faculty, support staff, parents, and volunteers have worked together to build a comprehensive CTE program at Southridge High School.  In building partnerships, stakeholders are invited into the school to learn about who they are, what their vision looks like, interact with students and community and as guest speakers in classrooms.

In addition, Southridge has built a model of career-exploration that best fits the dynamics of the business, not the dynamics of the school. A great example of this work is the partnership with Biamp. Southridge High School worked with the Human Resources Department at Biamp to create an opportunity for students to interact with their staff in a training module that their new employees also go through when they are hired at Biamp.

Another example is their partnership with New Seasons Market. The New Seasons Human Resources Department has come to Southridge to speak with students, students have completed a survey of interest, and beginning next fall, students will be learning alongside New Seasons employees in several CTE pathways including Tech Careers and Business and Marketing.

None of this work would be possible without the continued support of the Southridge parent community. Whenever a parent volunteer is needed to support the work either on an advisory committee, a speaking engagement, a career-related learning environment, the PTO and volunteers are present, supporting the CTE work along the way. Three SRHS parents along with four business partners compose the Southridge High School CTE Advisory Board. These individuals help guide the vision and partnerships of the Tech Careers CTE Program.

Congratulations, Southridge High School Community Partnership Team!