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Our Team

A - Shellie Bailey-Shah
Shellie Bailey-Shah

Shellie Bailey-Shah • Public Communications Officer

Shellie joined BSD in 2020. Prior to her current position, she was a long-time investigative reporter at KATU in Portland. She earned a reputation for her brand of advocacy journalism, as well as a number of regional, state and national awards, including an Emmy. Shellie oversees all operations of the Communications and Community Involvement Department.

Phone: 503-356-4362
B - Kara Yunck
Kara Yunck

Kara Yunck • Communications Coordinator

Kara joined CCI in 2014. She has a background in broadcast news production, writing, video and photography. Kara coordinates projects between CCI and other departments, monitors and writes for the district's social media platforms and publications, advises on webpage development, photographs school and district events, and produces videos for the district. 

Phone: 503-356-4378
C - Melissa Larson
Melissa Larson

Melissa Larson • Communications Specialist

Melissa has been with BSD since 2008. She had a background in business administration and marketing. Melissa is responsible for internal and external communications, social media, photography, web design and special projects.

Phone: 503-356-4363
D - Gabby Urenda
Gabby Urenda Headshot

Gabby Urenda • Bond Communications Specialist

Gabby joined CCI in 2022 after working in broadcast and print journalism. She handles all communications for bond-related projects including photos, videos, social media posts and community meetings. Gabby is fluent in Spanish and supports messaging to our Spanish-speaking families.

Phone: 503-356-4611

E - Sean Van
Sean Van

Sean Van • Graphic Designer

Sean joined CCI in 2020. He has a background in graphic communications and has been doing design work for more than 15 years. Sean supports district and school branding, informational campaigns, web design, publications and reports, and special projects. 

Phone: 503-356-4524

F - Tim Hurtt

Tim Hurtt • Videographer

Tim Hurtt began working for CCI in 2022. He produces, shoots and edits more than 150 videos per school year, showcasing the work of BSD students and staff. Prior to joining BSD, Tim was a news videographer in Boise, Idaho at KIVI, KTRV and KTVB before moving to the Portland market where he covered news for both KGW and KATU. Tim has been honored with an Emmy Award for his outstanding videography.

Phone: 503-356-4355

G - Johanna Shrout
Johanna Shrout

Johanna Shrout, Volunteer Services Coordinator

Johanna joined CCI in 2000. Previously, she was the founding coordinator for the Beaverton Family Resource Center. Johanna provides support, training and coordination for school volunteer programs and parent group organizations, referred to as Parent-Teacher Organizations (PTOs) and Parent-Teacher Committees (PTCs). Johanna also supervises the district-run, volunteer-supported Clothes for Kids program that provides free, gently used clothing and shoes to BSD students in need.

Phone: 503-356-4443
H - Zuley Gonzalez de Cruz
Zuley Gonzalez de Cruz

Zuley Gonzalez de Cruz • Management Secretary

Zuley began her career with BSD in the Transportation Department. In her current role, Zuley manages the flyer review process, employee service and retirement recognitions, public inquiries (both in English and Spanish) and special events. 

Phone: 503-356-4360
I - Christina Mackin
Christina Mackin

Christina Mackin • Community Resource Coordinator

Christina joined CCI in 2016. Christina has experience as a project manager, coordinating community projects for schools and bringing volunteers together to share their passion for kids. She assists schools and departments in developing community partnerships with businesses, cultural groups, faith-based organizations, parent organizations, nonprofits and service groups. Christina also actively promotes the AVID program by recruiting volunteer tutors that facilitate weekly student-led tutorial sessions. 

Phone: 503-356-4504