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BSD students outperform the statewide average on state tests but have ground to gain compared to pre-pandemic test scores.

The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) has released results from the Oregon state tests that students completed in spring 2022 following two years of disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The assessment results underscore the need for continued investment from the Student Success Act, High School Success program and Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund to support student mental health and well-being as well as academic learning.

Each spring, students in certain grades take statewide standardized tests to assess their knowledge in the areas of reading and writing (English language arts), math and science. These tests are all part of the Oregon Statewide Assessment System (OSAS). 

While the 2022 test results show that students in the Beaverton School District performed above the statewide average in every subject and at every grade level, results show declines when compared to pre-pandemic OSAS test scores in 2019.

“We recognize the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on our students’ learning and on their emotional and social well-being, just like students across the country,” said Dr. Gustavo Balderas, Beaverton School District Superintendent. “Our focus now is on learning acceleration for all students, especially those most impacted by the pandemic.”

In spring 2022, greater percentages of Beaverton students met or exceeded state standards on the state assessments than their peers statewide in all subjects tested and at every grade level. Students who receive a 3 or 4 on OSAS tests are considered to be “proficient” and on track to graduate from high school as college- and career-ready (CCR). 

* Caution: Across subjects, only about one-third of 11th-grade students in Beaverton and less than two-thirds of 11th-grade students across Oregon completed state tests. Comparisons between groups and across years at Grade 11 are not reliable. Participation of at least 80% is considered to be the minimum for this data to be reliably compared.

As shown in the table below, more Beaverton students also showed proficiency on the state assessments than their peers statewide in every group of students with the exception of migrant and homeless students.

* Caution: In 2021-2022, nearly all students in the district and the state were eligible for free meals at school and were included in the Economically Disadvantaged student group. Therefore, changes in performance across years are not reliable.

State summative assessments are designed to identify differences in student group outcomes and help improve the education system over time. These assessments do not measure the breadth of academic learning of any individual student. They are limited to three academic subject areas. They do not identify all the strengths, talents, gifts or needs of any individual student. They do not describe the full context of what a school is providing socially or academically to students.

For complete statewide and Beaverton School District results, please visit the Oregon Department of Education’s website.