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Public Records

As a public entity, BSD is committed to making public records available, as required by state law (Chapter 192 of the Oregon Revised Statutes) and School Board Policy KBA-Public Records.


The Compliance Officer is responsible for administering, tracking and fulfilling public records requests made to BSD. The Compliance Officer works with other district staff as appropriate to fulfill public records requests. All public records requests must be submitted using the online Public Records Request form.

When submitting your request, be as specific as possible about the records that you’re seeking. If you’re unsure what records exist, you can call or email to discuss your request: 503-356-4393 or  Please note: Student Records are NOT Public Records. *For student records requests, please contact the school that your student last attended. For transcript requests, please visit the Transcript webpage

Public Records Request Form


Oregon Public Records law provides up to 15 business days for the District to complete its response. Please note: the law also provides exceptions to the 15-business day deadline for any of the following reasons:

  • The staff necessary to complete a response are unavailable (on leave or not scheduled to work).

  • Compliance would demonstrably impede the District’s ability to perform other necessary services.

  • The District is simultaneously processing a high volume of requests.

If the District cannot complete the work within the 15 business-day deadline, the Compliance Officer will notify the requesting party in writing that the request is still being processed and provide a reasonable estimated date of completion.


You’ll immediately receive an automated confirmation email that the District has received your Public Records Request form. The Compliance Officer will then begin processing your request as soon as practicable and without unreasonable delay. Within the 15-business day deadline, the Compliance Officer will respond with one or more of the following:

  • A statement that BSD does or does not have custody of the requested record(s).

  • Copies of all requested public records for which the District does not claim an exemption from disclosure under ORS 192.311 to 192.478.

  • A statement that the District is the custodian of some responsive records, an estimate of time in which copies will be provided or inspection will be available, and an estimate of the associated fees.

  • A statement that the District is uncertain whether it possesses any requested records and that it will search for the requested records and respond as soon as practicable. 

  • A statement that state or federal law prohibits the District from providing the requested record(s).


If the District receives an unusual request or the scope of the request is unclear, the Compliance Officer may request additional clarification before formally responding to the request.


If a requesting party fails to respond to inquiries for clarification, cost estimates or any other communication from the District within 60 days, the status of the request will be changed to "non-responsive."

Non-responsive requests may be resubmitted and will be processed as new requests.


Oregon Public Records law allows public agencies to recover their “actual cost” in fulfilling a public records request. “Actual cost” may include a charge for the time spent by BSD staff in locating the requested records, reviewing the records to redact exempt material, copying records or sending records by special methods. Public agencies may charge for search time even if they fail to locate any records responsive to the request or even if the records located are subsequently determined to be exempt from disclosure.

If there is a fee for providing the records, the Compliance Officer will provide the requesting party with written notice of the estimated amount of the fee.

The requesting party may decide to pay the fee; in which case, the District would generate an invoice for completing the public records request. The requesting party must pay the fee before the District fulfills the request. If the request takes less than the estimated time to fulfill, the District will refund the difference to the requesting party.

The requesting party may decline to pay the fee; in which case, the District will close the request.

The requesting party may decide to request a fee waiver or reduction using the Fee Waiver Request form. Please do not submit a Fee Waiver Request form until the Compliance Officer determines what records exist that are responsive to your request and whether a fee will be charged.

The Compliance Officer will determine whether to grant your fee waiver request in accordance with factors detailed in the Attorney General's Public Records Manual. A decision will be made within five business days.

The Compliance Officer is always willing to work with you to narrow the scope of a request to facilitate processing and reduce or eliminate fees.

Rev. Oct. 20, 2022


Fee Schedule

The District will waive fees for the first 30 minutes of staff time associated with processing requests. If the request requires compilation, review and/or redaction, the fee will be calculated at the employee’s hourly rate.

Fees for staff time may include, but are not limited to: 

  • Compiling, review and/or redaction: $34-69/hour (depending on work and employee's rate of pay)

  • IT: $50-75/hour