Parent Organizations & Volunteer Leadership

Important News for Parent Organizations

2019 - 2020 Volunteer Leaders Workshop & Training Dates

Volunteer Leader Workshops:
These meetings provide parent volunteer leaders with an opportunity to develop leadership skills, problem solve, network with other volunteer leaders in similar roles and review District policies and current issues.

Better Impact Software trainings & User Group Workshops:
Training for new administrators as well as deeper dive workshops into software updates and capabilities. 

Resources for Parent Organizations

Business Office Resources

The Business Office offers several resources for Parent Organizations.

The Beaverton School District Financial Management Handbook for Parent and Non-Profit Organizations is intended to provide guidelines to assist parent groups, booster clubs and non-profit organizations in complying with District policies and guidelines governing parent and non-profit organizations.

The Business Office maintains this handbook, and also provides non-profit applications, budget plans, cash management forms, and fundraising applications and schedule.

Facilities Resources

While the buildings, grounds and facilities of the Beaverton School District are primarily to benefit and serve the educational needs of the District's students, they are also a community resource. On the Facility Use page, you will find information about applying to use our facilities.

Risk Management Resources

The Risk Management Department provides guidelines for parent group activities at District Facilities.

You will also find the District insurance requirements, approved vendor list and workshop handouts,