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20 Questions in 2 Minutes

20 Questions in 2 Minutes is our blog series in which we get to know Beaverton School District staff members.

Angela Baker, Dual Language Coordinator/ELL teacher at Vose Elementary School. Dual Language has been my passion since I studied abroad in Mexico. I am so honored to have the opportunity to work an amazing team of educators and the awesome community at Vose.

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Mayra Barraza CampuzanoFirst Grade Dual Language Teacher at Vose Elementary School. Being a dual language teacher gives me the opportunity to help encourage and celebrate children for being bilingual and bicultural. Learning two (and for some more) languages and cultures.

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Sharon Smith Manley, School Counselor at Beaver Acres Elementary School. I have been a school counselor for 18 years and I feel incredibly grateful to have a job that I love.  Helping students and their families learn to navigate the academic and social/emotional demands of school is a privilege. My role as a school counselor provides a unique opportunity to get to know every student and walk alongside them through each year of elementary school. Being the only school counselor in a building of over 750 students certainly has its challenges and I am honored to work with a team of very dedicated educators at Beaver Acres.

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Ashgan Al Gburi, Math teacher at Mountain View Middle School. Being a math teacher at Mountain View Middle School means I can breathe new life into math, and make my class a place where students want to be. I inspire students to look beyond the pages of the textbook to become problem solvers, critical thinkers, and mathematician communicators.

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Sarah Langton, Digital Curriculum Specialist - Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA). I'm a teacher first, then digital curriculum specialist after that. I support all things digital when they relate to curriculum, curating it, answering teacher questions, and creating support materials for kids and teachers. I work mostly adaptive math applications K-12, so, Dreambox and Alex. This year I am responsible for organizing communication from the TOSA world out to teachers. That's a big one, and It's a work in progress.

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Monique Singleton, Principal at Vose Elementary School. This is my second year to be principal here, and for me, I feel like I get to wear a lot of hats. I get to be head cheerleader for all the great things that are going on here, but also provide support to help lighten the load, and help clear a path so we can all have all our arrows pointed in the same direction toward supporting all of our diverse families and kids. I have a unique perspective because I was a parent at Vose for 10 years before I became the principal. So, I got to see all the great things from a parent perspective. And I had a lot of trust and faith in the teachers and staff. And then I got a really unique opportunity to become the principal, and peel back the curtain and see that it actually is as great as I thought. It really is that great of a place for kids and for adults to work. I see one of my key jobs is just to keep that positive climate and culture flourishing, and navigate and direct our efforts in a cohesive way forward toward some of the vision and goals that we've developed.

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