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20 Questions in 2 Minutes

20 Questions in 2 Minutes is our blog series in which we get to know Beaverton School District staff members.

Pamela Hanson-Holtry, Employee Benefits Representative.  I’m basically responsible for making sure people have access to the information they need about their benefits, so they can make informed choices. I also make sure all of the benefits information gets into the system correctly. I’m really here as a resource for folks.

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Kandra Luna, Attendance Secretary and coach for Water Polo and Softball at Aloha High School. Currently I am a student teacher at Sunset High School (January- April) and at Five Oaks Middle School (April-June). Formerly, I was the Attendance Office at Aloha High School. I was one of the first points of contact for the students in the morning, and I always make sure that I welcomed the students coming to school late. I did this because I want them to know that we are happy they came to school and want them to be here. Within this role, I am constantly busy, answering phones, excusing students, sending passes and creating a welcoming environment to all. As a coach, I am helping students develop, maintain and hone in on their sport of choice. I want the athletes to develop their confidence and learn how to work with a team. I am excited to student teach at Sunset High for health and at Five Oaks Middle School and my future as an educator.

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Student Spotlight

Student Spotlights highlight some of our students who are working hard on progressing in their learning, challenging themselves, and/or overcoming obstacles. These students are recommended by their teachers.

WE are BSD - Our Stories

We asked our employees a series of questions about why they work in education, why they stay in education, and how they feel about their work. These are their stories.