6-8 Grade Media Lab Learning Targets

Fine Arts, MS Media Lab

ALT 1 - Technical Competence

Demonstrates technical competence and skill with materials and media.

ALT 2 - Artistic Ideas and Work

Generates and conceptualizes artistic ideas and work.

ALT 3 - Ideas and Work

Organizes and develops ideas and work.

ALT 4 - Completes Work

Refines and completes artistic work.

ALT 5 - Interprets and Share

Interprets and shares artistic work

ALT 6 - Conveys Meaning

Understands and evaluates how art conveys meaning and relate artistic ideas with external context.

ALT 7 - Lab Practices

Demonstrates appropriate lab practices.

ALT 8 - Design Process

Identifies and solves problems using the design process to create original technological solutions.

ALT 9 - Communicates Ideas

Communicates and expresses ideas, effectively and creatively, for a variety of purposes using appropriate digital media.

ALT 10 - Collaboration

Uses digital tools to broaden perspectives and enhance learning by collaborating with others, locally and globally.

ALT 11 - Safe, Legal, Ethical Responsibility

Recognizes the rights, responsibilities and opportunities of an interconnected digital world, and acts in ways that are safe, legal and ethical.