AGS 1 Learning Targets

Math, AGS 1

ALT 1 - Characteristics of Functions

Understands and applies the characteristics of a function. (CCSS.A.REI.10, CCSS.F.IF.1&4)

AST.1.1 - Represent arithmetic and geometric sequences  :  Represents arithmetic and geometric sequences with equations, tables, graphs, and story context (F.LE.1, F.LE.2, F.LE.5)

AST.1.2 - Identifies key features of sequences  :  Identifies the constant difference between consecutive terms, initial values in arithmetic sequences and the constant ratio between consecutive terms, initial values in geometric sequences (F.BF.1, F.LE.1a, F.LE.1c, F.lE.2, F.LE.5)

AST.1.3 - Rates of Growth  :  Compares rates of growth in arithmetic and geometric sequences, and recursive and explicit equations for arithmetic and geometric sequences. (F.BF.1, F.LE.1, F.LE.2)

AST.1.4 - Fluency with sequences  :  Develops fluency with geometric and arithmetic sequences (F.LE.2)

AST.1.5 - Introducing continuous functions  :  Introduces continuous linear and exponential functions (F.IF.3)

AST.1.6 - Connects context and function traits  :  Connects context with domain and distinctions between discrete and continuous functions (F.IF.3, F.BF.1a, F.LE.1, F.LE.2)

ALT 2 - Solves for Variables

Identifies, uses and solves for variables. (CCSS.A.REI.1&3), (CCSS.A.REI.5-7), (CCSS.A.REI.3&12), (CCSS.G.GPE.4-7, CCSS.G.CO.2-5)

AST 2.1 - Defining Quantities  :  Defining quantities and interpreting expressions. (N.Q.2, A.SSE.1)

AST 2.2 - Using Rates of Change  :  Using rate of change to find missing terms in an arithmetic sequence (A.REI.3)

AST 2.3 - Interpreting functions  :  Interpreting equations that model linear and exponential functions (A.SSE.1, A.CED.2, F.LE.5, A.SSE.6)

ALT 3 - Geometric Properties

Uses and applies geometric properties to mathematics. (CCSS.G.CO.10-11, CCSS.G.MG.1-3), (CCSS.G.GPE.4-7, CCSS.G.CO.2-5)

ALT 4 - Statistics and Probability

Applies the rules of statistics and probability to mathematics. (CCSS.S.ID.1-3, CCSS.S.IC.6), (CCSS.S.ID)

ALT 5 - Communication

Communicates clearly and explains reasoning so others can follow how a problem is solved.

ALT 6 - Patterns

Recognizes patterns and describe them as relationships or general rules.

ALT 7 - Modeling

Reasons mathematically to solve problems in real-life context.