Astronomy Learning Targets

Science, Astronomy

ALT 1 - Scientific Knowledge

Identifies examples from the history of science that illustrate modification of scientific knowledge in light of challenges to prevailing explanations.

ALT 2 - Technological Problems and Advances

Explains how technological problems and advances create a demand for new scientific knowledge and how new knowledge enables the creation of new technologies

ALT 3 - Properties - Composition

Classifies the bodies in our solar system based on properties and composition.

ALT 4 - Evolution of the Solar System

Describes the evolution of our solar system over time.

ALT 5 - Universe, Galaxies, Stars, Planets

Describes how the universe, galaxies, stars, and planets evolve over time.

ALT 6 - Evidence of Multiple Galaxies

Describes attributes of our galaxy and evidence for multiple galaxies in the universe.

ALT 7 - Change Over Time

Explains how Earth’s atmosphere, geosphere, and hydrosphere change over time and at varying rates.

ALT 8 - Elucidate the History of Events

Explains techniques used to elucidate the history of events on Earth.

ALT 9 - Atmosphere, Geosphere, Hydrosphere

Describes the structure and composition of Earth’s atmosphere, geosphere, and hydrosphere.

ALT 10 - Comparing Earth's Characteristics

Compares Earth’s characteristics to other bodies in the solar system and the universe.