Social Science Middle School Instructional Resources Review and Community Input

Community input from staff, students, parents and community members is requested for the instructional resources being considered for adoption.  Please see below for Phase one Middle School resources.  After previewing, please go to the Input Form / Formulario de Opinion to provide your response.
Viewing and Input Window closes May 17,  2021
The Oregon Department of Education has adopted new standards for Social Sciences.  The Beaverton School District is currently engaged in our Quality Curriculum Cycle to address these required changes.  Beaverton Middle Schools will be implementing Social Science courses in the Fall of 2021 that are aligned to the 2021 Social Science Standards Integrated with Ethnic Studies. The district has conducted an extensive search for appropriate instructional materials to address the state standards, meet the BSD learning targets, and support meaningful and engaging Social Studies learning for all of our students.
There are three central operating criteria that were used for evaluating instructional materials in the Social Sciences:
Collectively the above criteria can be summarized into the following statements:
  • Materials are aligned to the 2021 Social Science Standards Integrated with Ethnic Studies.
  • Materials include instructional supports and tools for monitoring of student progress.
  • Materials offer authentic and meaningful student-centered activities and culturally responsive/relevant content that build interest and understanding of varied lived experiences.
  • Materials are conducive to differentiated instruction and provide direct access to equitable resources for all of our students though various levels of technology (including but not limited to availability in multiple languages and levels, speech-to-text, text-to-speech, audio-visual supports, etc.).
  • Materials include a variety of regularly updated and user-friendly materials and resources in culturally-sensitive language that are responsive to current events and changes in perspectives.
After an extensive vetting process using these criteria with eleven different instructional material providers, two providers emerged as finalists: Discovery Education and Actively Learn (Achieve3000). Middle school teachers (including teacher cadre teachers and dual-language teachers) are currently piloting these materials in their classrooms to see which instructional materials are the best fit for our learning targets, standards, and students. As a part of this process, Discovery Education and Actively Learn (Achieve3000) have opened their platforms for a two week window for public viewing and feedback.
Below is the login information for each provider along with resources to help navigate their platforms.
Additionally, after viewing the materials, please submit any comments and feedback on this google form.
Your feedback, along with the recommendation of BSD’s Project Team, will be submitted to the Beaverton School Board for adoption. The first reading of the materials report is tentatively scheduled for May 24, 2021.
Discovery Education:
Login Information:
  • Jumping into Social Studies Techbook (need to be logged into DE to access)
  • Channels to check out:
Actively Learn 3000
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Please use the Review Guide for step-by-step instructions.