Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment Update for 2020-2021

The Beaverton School District offered open enrollment for students living within the BSD service area for the 2020-21 school year at the schools listed below. Applications for open enrollment were accepted from Monday, December 9, 2019 through Tuesday, January 21, 2020, 2:00 p.m.  The Open Enrollment process is now closed.


Elementary Schools
(# of slots open)

Errol Hassell (20)

Fir Grove (30)

Kinnaman (15)

McKay (30) 

Sexton Mountain (10)

Terra Linda (12)

Middle Schools
(# of slots open)

No slots available at middle school.

High Schools
(# of slots open)

Beaverton (40)

Southridge (40)


Principals will make the final determination as to what grade levels will be filled with these Open Enrollment slots.

There are some important factors families must consider when applying for a 2020-21 Open Enrollment transfer:

  1. Student must maintain attendance at 92% or greater; no more than one minor suspension per academic year; no suspension greater than five days, and no expulsions.
  2. Transportation to the new school is the responsibility of the family. Buses do not travel from the resident school to the open enrollment school; however, occasionally the student may live close to the attendance boundary of the open enrollment school. In this case, parents must submit a written request by completing a “Transportation Service Request" form.
  3. Approval is for the duration of the current school level only (i.e., elementary, middle or high school).
  4. There is no guarantee of sibling applications being approved.
  5. Commitment to attend any school should be for the entire academic year.
  6. A lottery system may have to be implemented if there are more applications than allocations available.
  7. Copies of the completed applications will be distributed by the receiving school principal, pending a letter or conversation with the parent/guardian of the student.

Parents will be informed of the decisions by the principal of the school applied to within one week after the conclusion of the open enrollment period. Parents will need to confirm acceptance at that time.

Contact your school if you have any questions regarding the process.