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In order to break the predictive link between student demographics and student success, we must apply the principle of equity to all aspects of our schools/departments.

In Beaverton, we aspire to have the following 5P's:

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elevates multiple perspectives from historically underserved communities 

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reflect the diversity of our student body


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is safe, inclusive and affirming for historically underserved students and their families


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articulates a vision for equity


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eliminates gaps in access, opportunity, and expectation



As you make decisions to support your work, consider the following:

  • Whose voice is and isn't represented in this decision?
  • Who does this decision benefit or burden?
  • Is this decision in alignment with the BSD Equity Policy?
  • Does this decision close or widen the access, opportunity, and expectation gaps? 


Complete the Equity Assessment tool using the link or QR code below

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Equity Assessment Tool:




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Equity Policy:

About Us


Transform the educational system in Beaverton to eradicate the predictability of student success based on students’ social and cultural backgrounds, explicitly related to race, socio economic status, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

Theory of Action:

If we develop capacity in every leader to demonstrate unequivocal belief in the success of ALL students and eradicate the systemic barriers, then student successes will not be predicted by student subgroup membership​.


For Students


For Staff

  • Beaverton Minority Educator Community
  • Equity Leadership Team
  • LGBTQ+ Staff Affinity Group

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