District-Wide Interior Classroom Locks

At their 6/18/18 Business Meeting the School Board approved a $2M allocation from the program reserve to fund the Interior Classroom Locks project. The project scope was not originally recognized as part of the 2014 Bond Program's District-Wide Security Upgrades project, but became a priority due to the critical nature of areas of refuge. 
The Interior Classroom Locks project is greatly enhancing school security and student safety by replacing all classroom locks across the District with push/turn hardware. The new hardware is easily lockable from inside a room, allowing anyone to quickly secure a room without having to use a key. 
The project is currently well-ahead of schedule, and under budget. Once all the classroom locks are replaced any remaining budget will be used to secure additional areas of refuge across the District. 

Budget: $2,000,000
Funding: 2014 Bond
Schedule: 09/2018 - TBD (completion date varies site-by-site)
Status: In Progress