Learning Technology

Classroom Systems

Learning must be dynamic, engaging and tailored to the unique needs of each student. Our students have unlimited potential as well as specific learning needs and interests.  Now and in the future, they will be asked to think, create, innovate, communicate, and collaborate as engaged members of our global community.  Learning shifts must occur in the classroom as students and teachers work together with the varied resources used in our daily lives to find, consume, evaluate, and contribute information.  Our classrooms will mirror the world we are preparing our students to navigate and ultimately, lead.

Students need to be able to access information to work in collaboration with teachers, peers and experts on what and how they learn.  Printed textbooks contain static information, without an easy way to update the information.  The goal of pursuing digital content is to meet the unique learning needs of students so that learning is engaging and efficient, available at any time, and steeped in authentic problem solving. Access to high quality, dynamic information for all students will help close the equity gap. 

Teachers need the opportunity to access, modify, and customize curriculum to meet the unique needs of their learners. Teachers know their students well and also know the resources necessary to meet their learning needs.  As curriculum transforms to a digital format accessed largely online, students and teachers need modern, mobile technology devices.  A combination of district-owned and personally-owned devices will address the lack of available resources available throughout the district, making the initiative sustainable and equitable. In addition to meeting curriculum needs, our Digital Conversion will provide students with technology to support exploration and creation of content.  Our vision is that every student and teacher has immediate access to technology and the Internet throughout the school and school day to support their learning. 

Over the life of the bond, BSD will shift from the use of largely print resources to the introduction and application of digital instructional materials, identified and customized to student learning needs.  As a result, all students will have access to and engagement with digital content within the 5 years of the bond.  A Learning Management System (LMS) will be provisioned to support student learning with personalized digital content.  Ongoing professional development will be provided to teachers and administrators through the budget process. Therefore, the project includes:

• Appropriate procedures and criteria will be developed to identify high quality and district approved digital and print resources

• Purchase digital and print resources aligned to content standards and instructional practice in support of student learning

• Curriculum specialists to curate, create, and aggregate digital content in a Learning Management System 
There will be the purchase of mobile computing devices towards a large-scale 1:1 deployment.  In addition to the purchase of devices, necessary infrastructure at the school and central level will be purchased to ensure a positive user experience for students.  Supporting this move to mobile technology tools will be a standard suite of classroom hardware and software tools and applications.  Ongoing professional development will be provided to teachers and administrators through the budget process.

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Budget: $56,000,000
Funding: 2014 Bond
Schedule: Ongoing
Status: In Progress