Seismic Upgrades

In the mid-1990s the Beaverton School District conducted a district-wide investigation of the seismic stability of its schools and subsequently began a targeted program to seismically upgrade and improve them, generally in conjunction with other related projects such as roof replacements.

Building upon work from previous bonds, this project is scheduled to improve the seismic performance of five schools that remain in need of high priority seismic upgrades: Beaver Acres Elementary, Cedar Mill Elementary, Cooper Mountain Elementary, Aloha High School and Beaverton High School.

Seismic upgrades generally involve improving structures by installing additional lateral force resistance systems.  These systems are to keep the building from collapsing in the event of an earthquake.

The District is working to leverage additional funding by pursuing grants available through the State of Oregon. 

Beaverton School District Resilience Planning - For High School at South Cooper Mountain (Mountainside) and Middle School at Timberland

Seismic Assessment Report
Volume 1 

Volumes 2 - 4 (Available for review upon request.)

Budget: $14,544,000.00
Funding: 2014 Bond
Schedule: varies site-by-site

  • Beaver Acres ES 2020
  • Cedar Mill ES 2019
  • Cooper Mountain ES 2021
  • Aloha HS 2019 - 2020
  • Beaverton HS 2018

Status: In Progress

Seismic Braces at Timberland