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The Facilities Department provides full lifecycle management and operation of the Beaverton School District’s real property and infrastructure at each of the District’s 60 sites.  This includes:

·      Development of capital investment programs
·      Management of planning, design, and construction of capital projects
·      Environmental management
·      Resource Conservation, Recycling and Waste Management
·      Energy and Utilities Management
·      Facilities Maintenance
·      Minor Construction
·      Custodial Services
·      Groundskeeping
·      Integrate Pest Management
·      Property Management
·      Space Management
·      Courier and Mail Services

Under the direction of the Executive Administrator for Facilities, the Facilities Department administers and integrates these programs through three Divisions:

·      Facilities Development
·      Maintenance Services
·      Energy & Resource Conservation



Mission:  Provide full lifecycle planning, management, and operation of the Beaverton School District’s infrastructure in support of the best interests of our students, community and staff.

Vision:  Efficient and effective educational facilities and responsive, cost effective professional support services for today’s needs and tomorrow’s demands.

 Guiding Principles:

  •  We are a team

Our strength comes from each other. We exhibit the traits of a winning team: unity of effort, esprit de corps, respect for each other, leadership at all levels, and a constant focus on improvement. We are honest and seek critical feedback from each other but speak with a unified voice.

  • We are accountable

To ourselves and to each other; to our students and community; to our district leadership and schools.  We are forthright and transparent. We are wise and ethical stewards of the resources entrusted to our care. We take responsibility for our actions and always strive to “do the right and best thing”. We learn from our mistakes and move on.

  •  We always deliver

We are innovative, hardworking, and solution-oriented professionals. We maintain a positive outlook. Our clients seek us out for our expertise, advice, responsiveness, and craftsmanship.

Bottom line: Make a difference every day for our 41,000 students.  Take care of yourself and each other.  Stay safe and enjoy what you are doing!