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Join our team! Beaverton School District is actively seeking applicants for classified and licensed positions! 

Yes! Beaverton School District will be hiring licensed substitutes for the 2022-23 school year.
  • We will open the post for substitutes by the week of August 29th, 2022.

  • Currently, Human Resources is hiring for regular (probationary and temporary) licensed positions for the full year. If you are interested in being considered, please see our vacancies here.

To prepare for the licensed substitute posting:

  • Begin or update your Applicant Tracking application here.

  • Ensure references and contact information is up to date, with a valid email address.

  • For the 2022-23 school year, letters of recommendation and transcripts will not be required on the licensed substitute application.

  • Note:  If you are seeking sponsorship for a Restricted Substitute Teaching License (have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and do not hold a teaching license), in the licensure section of the application, you may state:

I am seeking sponsorship for the Restricted Substitute license.

The district will be hiring three types of licensed substitute teachers:

  • Day-today substitutes: These substitutes are at-will employees. 

  • Contracted substitutes: These substitutes are under full-year contracts. Every day, they report to schools where they're needed. 

  • Quarantine substitutes: These substitutes work remotely supporting those students who are in quarantine. They are not under full-year contracts but are guaranteed a minimum of 10 days per assignment.

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Internal Applicants:

When you re-open an existing application, your status as an Internal Candidate will be removed unless you do the following:  1) select "Finish and Submit" and 2) re-enter the required questions, including your employee ID number. This ensures your application preserves your status as internal and has the most current information at the time of submission.

While BSD teachers are not required to upload letters of reference or transcripts, the system will not allow applications to be submitted without a document upload. Licensed applicants may create a Word document stating you are a BSD teacher with transcripts and references on file. Uploading this document will allow you to submit your application.

Email Communication:

Check your email clutter and/or spam folder for possible communication issues. 


Applicants must submit their application for each posting of interest. If the "Vacancy Desired" section does not list a position of interest, please complete an application by selecting at least one position from "Positions Desired".

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