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BEA-BSD Labor Negotiations

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Beaverton School District negotiates employee contracts with two employee unions: Beaverton Education Association (BEA) for licensed staff and Oregon School Employees Association (OSEA) for classified staff. Negotiations are carried out in a collaborative manner with teams representing both sides. During the course of negotiations, contract language and financial terms are discussed. Once tentative agreements are reached for all articles under review, the proposed contract must be ratified by the association and approved by the School Board. 

For more information about the public employee collective bargaining process in Oregon, please visit the Employment Relations Board website.

The district's administrators, supervisors and confidential employees are not represented by employee unions. Unrepresented employees’ delegates participate in a meet-and-confer process with Human Resources representatives to share their thoughts, concerns and input regarding their employment terms and benefits.

On February 15, 2024,  the District opened contract negotiations with BEA. The goal is to establish a collaborative and mutually respectful process that allows us to agree on a contract that benefits students and staff while also being good stewards of public funds.

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2024 Bargaining Teams

BSD Team

  1. Susan Rodriguez, Chief Resource Officer
  2. Michael Schofield, Associate Superintendent of Business Services
  3. Janine Mobley, Executive Administrator for Human Resources
  4. Erica Marson, Executive Administrator for Human Resources
  5. Curtis Semana, Executive Administrator for Human Resources
  6. Matthew Casteel, Aloha High School Principal
  7. Johanna Castillo, Meadow Park Middle School Principal
  8. Laurie Huntwork, Jacob Wismer Elementary Principal
  9. Veronica Galvan, Administrator for Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment
  10. Shirley Valladares, Assistant Administrator for Special Education
  11. Karen Perez, School Board Chair
  12. Michelle Fowles, Human Resources Supervisor
  13. Brian Hungerford, Hungerford Law Firm Partner

BEA Team

  1. Lindsay Ray, BEA President
  2. Katie Lukins, BEA Vice President
  3. Emily McCann, BEA UniServe Consultant
  4. Robert Young, OEA
  5. Sara Whelan, OEA Statewide Organizing Coordinator
  6. Suzanne Albrich, Cooper Mountain Elementary Teacher
  7. Julia Barto, Fir Grove Elementary Teacher
  8. Amy Borlaug, Five Oaks Middle School Teacher
  9. Lora Dee, Sexton Mountain Elementary Teacher
  10. Alysoun Lowe, International School of Beaverton Teacher
  11. Elizabeth Lynch, Scholls Heights Elementary, Teacher
  12. Adam Oyster-Sands, Westview High School Teacher
  13. Janine Weir, Merlo Station Campus Teacher

Bargaining Sessions & Recaps