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"I feel I belong at my school when I experience a sense of happiness, inclusivity, camaraderie and personal fulfillment; and when I see all others experiencing those things, too."- BSD STAFF MEMBER
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The Beaverton School District is an increasingly diverse district with 58% of students reflecting the global majority and more than 100 languages spoken in students' homes. Our staff values diversity, sees it as an asset, and continues to learn and implement culturally responsive practices that affirm each student’s identity.  BSD students have shared that belonging to them is about relationships where they feel affirmed and respected.  In addition to these themes, staff members have shared that belonging at BSD is about being seen, heard and valued. The respect and community that we're creating is one where everyone can bring their whole selves to work.

We work toward eliminating access, opportunity and expectations gaps in our daily practice.

Through continued implementation of our Equity Lens and Equity Lens Assessment Tool, our Culturally Relevant Teaching Strategies and our Guiding Principles for Culturally Relevant Teaching in Professional Development, we strive to build and sustain learning communities in which all students, families and staff can feel a sense of belonging.

We continue to learn and grow.

We view learning as a never-ending cycle where we have an opportunity to self-reflect, challenge assumptions and continue to grow in our practice in order to improve student experiences. 

We're working on the development and implementation of a systemic equity- and inclusion-focused professional development and collaboration program aimed at creating inclusive and culturally-affirming spaces for all students and staff. 

There are multiple opportunities to keep learning at BSD. This includes our future administrator cohorts with Lewis and Clark College, school- and district-based professional learning teams, professional development opportunities, equity leadership teams (ELT), collaborating as part of a district cadre with the curriculum adoption process, and/or participating in one of the district affinity spaces.






Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Staff Affinity Group

Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Staff Affinity Group

This affinity group welcomes all BSD staff who identify as Asian, Asian American, Native Hawaiian and/or Pacific Islander. 

Example actions/work focus:

  • Talk about shared experiences of being a member of the AANHPI community.
  • Create a safe and trusting environment that fosters community, acceptance and belonging.
  • Share classroom and school resources to help uplift the voices of our AANHPI community.
Beaverton Education Association Racial & Social Justice Task Force (BEARSJ)

Beaverton Education Association Racial & Social Justice Task Force (BEARSJ)

This group meets to ensure that the teachers union (Beaverton Education Association) is expressing social justice values and to help support all union members in doing anti-racism work.

Example actions/work focus:

  • Promote districtwide equity professional development.
  • Worked to add hate speech protocols to the BSD Student Code of Conduct.
  • Review SRO program in schools.
  • Institute BARWEs in BSD schools.
  • Support teachers in teaching about the BLM movement.
Beaverton LGBTQ+ Staff Affinity Group

Beaverton LGBTQ+ Staff Affinity Group

The LGBTQ+ Staff Affinity Group is open to anyone who identifies as LGBTQ2SIA+.  

Example actions/work focus:

  • Create an inclusive and affirming environment for BSD students, staff and families.
  • Inform each other about the challenges and successes of supporting LGBTQ+ students, staff and families.
  • Support one another through sharing resources and strategies.
Beaverton Minority Administrators Community (BMAC)

Beaverton Minority Administrators Community (BMAC)

This group is a space for BSD administrators from the global majority to be in community with one another. 

Example actions/work focus:

  • Fostering a community of support and spaces of belonging. 
  • Continuing professional development and discussing problems of practice. 
  • Assisting the district to increase the diversity of staff to reflect the student demographic. 
  • Networking to advance equity initiatives within the district and schools.
  • Supporting BSD graduates through the Make a Difference Scholarship in their path of becoming educators.
Beaverton Multicultural Educator Committee (BMEC)

Beaverton Multicultural Educator Committee (BMEC)

This group serves as an affinity space for BIPOC educators and white allies. It works to creates a safe space for BIPOC educators and change in the district. 

Example actions/work focus:

  • Presented an Anti-Racist District Action Plan to superintendent.
  • Organized Equity Summits.
Disabled, Chronically Ill or Neurodivergent (ADCIN) Staff Affinity Group

Disabled, Chronically Ill or Neurodivergent (ADCIN) Staff Affinity Group

The ADCIN group welcomes Beaverton School District employees who identify as disabled, chronically ill or neurodivergent.

Example actions/work focus:

  • Foster staff connections across our district.
  • Increase awareness of our strengths and struggles.
  • Share resources and strategies to ensure that all District employees have the tools needed to be successful and fully engaged in their positions and in life.

To learn more, please visit our Office of Equity and Inclusion webpage.


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