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OSEA-BSD Labor Negotiations

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Beaverton School District negotiates employee contracts with two employee unions: Beaverton Education Association (BEA) for licensed staff and Oregon School Employees Association (OSEA) for classified staff. Negotiations are carried out in a collaborative manner with teams representing both sides. During the course of negotiations, contract language and financial terms are discussed. Once tentative agreements are reached for all articles under review, the proposed contract must be ratified by the association and approved by the School Board. 

For more information about the public employee collective bargaining process in Oregon, please visit the Employment Relations Board website.

The district's administrators, supervisors and confidential employees are not represented by employee unions. Unrepresented employees’ delegates participate in a meet-and-confer process with Human Resources representatives to share their thoughts, concerns and input regarding their employment terms and benefits.

On May 9, 2024, the District opened negotiations with OSEA with the purpose of negotiating Article 24 and Article 25. The remainder of the contract will remain in effect until June 30, 2025.  The goal is to establish a collaborative and mutually respectful process that allows us to agree on a contract that benefits students and staff while also being good stewards of public funds.


Classified Collective Bargaining Agreement 2022-2025

Guiding Principles Core Values During Labor Negotiations

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2024 Bargaining Teams

BSD Team

  1. Susan Rodriguez, Chief Resource Officer
  2. Michael Schofield, Associate Superintendent of Business Services
  3. Curtis Semana, Executive Administrator for Human Resources
  4. Casey Waletich, Chief Facilities Officer
  5. Andrew Stenehjem, Manager of User Services


  1. Krysti Sackman, OSEA President
  2. Teresa Caprioglio, OSEA Field Representative

  3. Elizabeth Schultz, Early Childhood Care, William Walker Elementary

  4. Dominique Demouchet, Campus Supervisor, Aloha High School

  5. William Donovan, Courier Foreman

Bargaining Sessions & Recaps