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Hotspot Consent Form

Beaverton School District is offering a limited number of free wireless hotspots to students who do not have internet access at home. The borrowing limit is one device per student and will be assigned to the student for as long as needed, up to one school year. By signing this form, a Parent/Guardian agrees to the assignment of a hotspot to their student and assumes responsibility for its safe and complete return to the school. The following fee schedule will apply if any part of the hotspot kit is damaged or not returned:

Fees for Lost/Damaged Parts
Hotspot: $100
SIM Card: $100
Power Cord: $10

Use of the hotspot to access the internet is bound by existing District and School responsible use policies as outlined in the Student Family Handbook. Each hotspot device is subject to internet content filtering and excessive data consumption monitoring that could lead to service interruption for protection. School staff will be monitoring hotspot use and checking with teachers to ensure that students are meeting academic expectations. If the hotspot is not being used in a responsible way, or it is not providing the academic support desired, the school may ask that it be returned so it can be used by another family.

The following expectations apply specifically to the SmartSpot device:

•    The hotspot is subject to a curfew that restricts use between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. local time.

•    The hotspot will be kept at home, in a place where it will be safe.

•    If your situation changes, and you are no longer in need of the hotspot, return the device to your school so another family may benefit.

•    If the hotspot becomes broken, lost, or stolen, please report status to the school immediately.

•    If the hotspot is stolen, you will provide the school with a completed police report.

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My child is eligible for the Free and Reduced Lunch Programrequired
This hotspot is for a Parent-Teacher conference.required
Please return the hotspot to the school after your Parent-Teacher conference is over.
My student is in quarantine or isolation.required
Please return the hotspot to the school as soon as your student is able to return to the classroom.


ConsentrequiredI agree with & certify all information on this form is correct. I have authority to provide consent.
I agree with & certify all information on this form is correct. I have authority to provide consent.
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