Internet Access For Families

Hotspots for 2020-2021

Beaverton School District is partnering with T-Mobile and Project 10Million to provide hotspots for our students participating in the Free and Reduced Lunch program. 

We also have a limited supply of hotspots available provided by Verizon and Kajeet.

If you need a hotspot, please complete the hotspot request form and you will be contacted by a member of our staff.

hotspot Request form 2020-2021


User Guides
Project 10Million Franklin T9 Mobile Hotspot (English)
  • ​Unlimited Data
  • BSD Filters applied
  • Hours of use: 6am-11pm
  • Families participating in Free and Reduced Lunch
Verizon Orbic Orbic Speed RC400L (English)
  • ​Unlimited Data
  • BSD Filters applied
  • Hours of use: 6am-11pm
Kajeet Hotspot

SmartSpot 900 QSG (English)

SmartSpot 900 QSG (Spanish)

SmartSpot T-41 QSG (English)

SmartSpot T-41 QSG (Spanish)

  • Daily cap starts at 500mb/Monthly cap of 3GB
  • BSD Filters applied
  • Hours of use: 6am-11pm
Sprint 1Million Coolpad Surf Hotspot User Guide
  • No daily cap
  • Monthly cap of 10GB​




Thin Orange Line

Comcast Internet Essentials

The BSD Sponsored Internet Essentials program is no longer available. Those that have a code from the Beaverton School District can still apply for the sponsored program at​ and if approved, receive free internet until June 30, 2021. Those who are currently on the sponsored program will continue to receive free internet until June 30, 2021.

The Comcast Internet Essentials is still available through Comcast for $9.95/month + taxes. More information is available at

For families who have received a promotional code, your code remains valid and can be used to apply for free sponsored internet.

  • Go to​ and complete the application using the Promo Code.
  • Once you complete the Internet Essential application, you will receive a confirmation and a place to schedule time for a technician to come install the equipment.
  • The process takes about 7 days.


  • ​25mb download speed/3mb upload
  • 1.2TB per month
  • After reaching monthly data cap, monthly charge of $9.95 applies for additional 50Gb up to $100. After that, data is turned off until the next monthly cycle.​

INTERNET ESSENTIALS Frequently Asked Questions

Thin Orange Line

Other Wireless Network Options

All Beaverton schools have wireless networks that can be accessed from outside the building, in school parking lots.
There are 2 wireless networks:

  • BSD User:  For staff, students and devices owned by the Beaverton School District
  • BSD Visitor:  Publicly available wireless internet access