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Sprint 1Million Project: Free Hotspots for High Schools


News for all Sprint 1Million Project hotspot users: In response to COVID-19, Sprint increased your data plan to 20GB per month from now until the end of June! 

We regret that at this time all hotspots have been distributed to students. We will receive 300 hotspots for distribution during Fall 2020. 

All families with 9th-12th student next school year 2020-21: 
You may submit your Sprint 1Million Project Consent form (below) now to be placed on the hotspot waitlist for Fall 2020.

For immediate needs, consider two XFINITY/COMCAST offerings:

  • Free Xfinity WiFi access for Non-Customers:
    • Navigate to a website such as You will be redirected to the sign-in page.
    • On the sign in page, look for the “I don’t have an XFINITY account” section. (Please note that not all locations offer guest access.)
    • Check to make sure you are in range of an XFINITY WiFi hotspot. If “xfinitywifi” is not in the list of available networks, then you are not at an XFINITY WiFi hotspot.
  • Comcast Internet Essentials plan: 

Beaverton School District Hotspots 

In 2017, the Beaverton School District was awarded 2,000 hotspots from the Sprint 1Million Project Foundation. The devices provide free wireless service for up to 4 years to eligible high school students in grades 9-12.

Even in this digital era, not all students have access to consistent, quality internet connections at home. With 70% of teachers now assigning internet-based homework, disadvantaged student must seek out ways to get connected to complete schoolwork.  They go to coffee shops, libraries, restaurants and other businesses to use Wi-Fi. Without home internet, students are cut off from success.

To help solve this problem, a team from the Beaverton School District researched opportunities and wrote a grant for the Sprint 1Million Project. Each year, over a five-year period, 400 eligible students will receive a free Wi-Fi hotspot device and up to 10GB per month of free internet connectivity during the time they remain in high school – even through summer break. This program will help eliminate the "Homework Gap" and provide access to digital content such as college and job applications, financial aid, social services, health care and much more.

High school students who can benefit from having their own hotspot, only need to show family consent with signatures on the consent form provided below. Printed copies of the consent forms are available at the Library Media Center.


Sprint 1Million FAQs