Sprint 1Million Project: Free Hotspots for High Schools

In 2017, the Beaverton School District was awarded 2,000 hotspots from the Sprint 1Million Project Foundation. The devices provide free wireless service for up to 4 years to eligible high school students in grades 9-12.

Even in this digital era, not all students have access to consistent, quality internet connections at home. With 70% of teachers now assigning internet-based homework, disadvantaged student must seek out ways to get connected to complete schoolwork.  They go to coffee shops, libraries, restaurants and other businesses to use Wi-Fi. Without home internet, students are cut off from success.

To help solve this problem, a team from the Beaverton School District researched opportunities and wrote a grant for the Sprint 1Million Project. Each year, over a five-year period, 400 eligible students will receive a free Wi-Fi hotspot device and up to 10GB per month of free internet connectivity during the time they remain in high school – even through summer break. This program will help eliminate the "Homework Gap" and provide access to digital content such as college and job applications, financial aid, social services, health care and much more.

High school students who can benefit from having their own hotspot, only need to show family consent with signatures on the consent form provided below. Printed copies of the consent forms are available at the Library Media Center.


Sprint 1Million FAQs

Who is eligible to receive a Sprint hotspot?

Sprint 1Million Project is offered to high school students ages 13-years-old and older who do not have high-speed internet access at home, which is defined as:

  • No home internet access at all
  • Multiple students in the same household, working from a single computer
  • Internet is available at home, but at a very low bandwidth (i.e., dial-up speeds) and is not adequate for completing homework assignments

How can a student join the hotspot project?

Students can complete the required consent form and deliver to the front office or school library for the school's Library Instructional Technology Teacher (LITT). The LITT will then create a new student account, provision the hotspot, and deliver the device to the student to be stored and used at home.

Can each high school student have their own hotspot for households with multiple students?

Yes. High school students in the same home may each be assigned a hotspot to individually benefit from a monthly high-speed data plan.

What is available for middle school students?

Kajeet SmartSpot hotspot kits are being loaned to middle school students through their library media center. An alternative is discounted internet through programs such as Internet Essentials

Does the hotspot have an internet filter?

Yes. Sprint provides a free Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) compliant content filter with every hotspot. This filter blocks adult content and malware via the hotspot. It also blocks the same content for any computing device while on the Sprint network. The filter uses the Symantec Rulespace engine which is industry best-in-class and has been employed worldwide to over 700 million customers.

Does the hotspot turn off after the monthly data plan is used?

No. The hotspot will continue to work at slower speeds (2G) after the student uses the 10GB of high-speed LTE data in a month.

Does the student keep the hotspot over the summer?

Yes. The hotspot remains in the student's possession continuously until the student graduates or completes four years of school at Beaverton School District.

What happens to the hotspot if a student transfers schools?

If a student transfers schools and remains within the Beaverton School District, the hotspot will stay with them and active. If a student changes school districts, the service to the hotspot will cease and the hotspot should be returned to the Library Instructional Technology Teacher (LITT).

What happens if the hotspot is damaged or lost?

If supply exists, a damaged or lost hotspot will be replaced by the school Library Instructional Technology Teacher (LITT)​. If a replacement hotspot is unavailable, students can purchase one through Beaverton School District - sold at a discount to 1Million Project participants - to use the remaining time on their plan.

What happens if the hotspot is stolen?

If supply exists, a stolen hotspot will be replaced only once, after a police report is made and presented to the school Library Instructional Technology Teacher (LITT)​. The LITT can help with reporting the theft by providing hotspot identifiers. Beaverton School District is provided a limited supply of devices each school year and a replacement device cannot be guaranteed. If a complimentary replacement hotspot is unavailable, students can purchase one through Beaverton School District - sold at a discount to 1Million Project participants.

After graduation, does ​​​the student get to keep the hotspot?

Yes! Consider it a graduation gift. Students with hotspots who graduate from Beaverton School District will get to take the hotspot with them. Sprint intends to offer students their own discounted service plan upon graduation.

Who do I contact for help with my hotspot?

If you have any questions about your device or service, please call Sprint at (844) 309-1680.