Student Login Information

Beaverton School District uses the student ID number to build student usernames and email addresses. Students access their email account by signing into Gmail:

Gmail Sign-In


Student Login FAQs

What if a student forgets their password?

Students who have forgotten their password should talk to their teacher or visit the school library for assistance. 

How can a student change their password?

Elementary students should talk to their teacher or visit the school library for assistance. 

Middle and high school students can change their password via the BSD Update Password page. Students will need to enter their student ID, old password, and the new password twice. 

Do all students get a District email account?

Students need parent/guardian permission to have a District email account and access to various digital resources for learning. Parents/guardians indicate their permission either via online registration or the Digital Resources Permission Form​​ available in the enrollment packet. Please contact your child's school if you wish to adjust your preference. 

Will students have access to their email and digital resources over the summer?

Student accounts remain active year-round as long as the student is enrolled in the District. 

What happens if a student graduates or leaves the District?

The student's account will be deactivated on the day the student graduates or is withdrawn from the District. Students wishing to retain a copy of their emails and files should follow the steps in the question below before their last day of attendance. 

Any student who has or will be absent for ten consecutive school days will be withdrawn from the District per Oregon law, and their account will be deactivated. Upon re-enrollment, their account will be reinstated. 

How can students download a copy of their emails and files?

Students may download a copy of all email and files via the Google Takeout application. Note that documents created and shared with others will no longer be accessible to anyone else once the student's account is deactivated. However, students can transfer ownership of documents prior to deactivation. 

Google Takeout

Why use the student ID for a login?

The IT department looked at various options for the format of the student login, including the current practices of districts across the country. It was collectively decided the student ID would be the best choice for a number of reasons:

  • The student ID is unique to each student
  • Students already use this student ID for other services such as library checkouts and lunch purchases

We evaluated the security implications and determined the risk was very low, for the following reasons:

  • The BSD student ID is not the same as the State of Oregon student ID used for student records, state reporting, and assessments​
  • Other systems using the BSD student ID have secondary protection measures to prevent fraud, including the display of each student's image when getting lunch or a library book
  • Student accounts are protected with a password