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Technology Report 2019-20

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School Board Work Session
October 15, 2019
Strategic Plan Report Summary

Title: Technology Report

Objective: The objective of this document is to report the state of technology systems functionality and on strategic key measurements of student and staff technology experience.

Data: Data on percentage of staff and students reporting adequate access to technology is provided through the 2018-19 staff and student surveys.  Additional data sources for this report include the Help Desk System, Asset Management System, server and networking systems log files.

Measurements 1 and 2:  Staff and student reporting access to technology


  • Staff and student feedback regarding access to technology continues to remain high.
  • Round 2 student device replacement at the High Schools completed with positive feedback from students and staff on the new chromebook.


  • The Spring 2019 security audit has concluded.  IT staff are reviewing the audit and developing project plans to address findings.
  • Beaverton School District continues to experience an increase in the number of cyber security threats.  Attacks are broadening in approach and increasing in both number and sophistication.

Action Plan:

  • Work to increase technology support for students and staff continues through bond and general fund investments and is summarized in this report.  While not inclusive of all projects within IT, the projects below represent work aligned to increasing staff and student satisfaction of how technology supports their work. 

Technology Systems - 2019/20 School Year