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Library Substitutes

  • Destiny Library Manager is the library circulation system. 
  • Destiny training is offered online and is required to accept Library Media Assistant SubFinder jobs. Please follow this link to the Library Services Intranet page which requires a BSD username and password (see login tips below). Look for the link to the "Destiny Library Substitute Training Website."
    • BSD Intranet Login Information for New Substitutes
    • If you are new to the district and have just joined the sub pool, please enroll and change your default password in the Bkey password management system using the login pattern below. Then proceed to the Library Services Intranet page.
    • Your username is your last name followed by your first two letters of your first name (i.e. smithjo).
    • Default sub password: Bsdxxxxx (the x’s stand for your 5 digit employee ID number from HR).
    • BSD Intranet Login Tips
      • If you were in the district during the previous school year and set your password, please try that password.
      • If you're using a Windows computer from home and receive a Windows security message, try adding the BSD domain in front of your username. Example: BSD\your username (BSD\smithjo).
      • If you experience Intranet login issues, please call the IT Help Desk at 503-356-4300.
  • Please call Library Services at 503-356-4546 with questions about the Destiny training.

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District Librarians: Jen Blair, Emily Carlson and Jenny Takeda

Administrator for Instructional Innovation: John Peplinski